Saturday, December 31

Looking Back At 67 Not Out In 2011

It's the last day of 2011 and I've been looking at various stats for 67 Not Out. I think that it has been a good year, and the blog is up to 723 posts.
Visitor numbers have now virtually reached 2,400,000 since the blog was launched on the 28th of December 2010 - three days under two years. Visitors have arrived from 154 different countries.  Most are from the USA, 46.98%, and the UK is second with 26.58% of the readers.

It's strange though, but I still can't forecast what posts will be popular. Some I put my heart and soul into and they get fewer hits than something I have to knock out quickly when time is short. I guess it all depends on what gets a good ranking on the Google search engine and/or gets picked up by some of the social networking sites. Or maybe it depends on the thoughts I send out when publishing the post!

The most viewed posts in 2011 were:

Married Couple In The Same Photo As Children
The Indians Of Haiti As Observed By Christopher Colombus
Ghostly Rye: The Most Haunted Town In England
The Red Balloon Coincidence
The Concentration Camp Romantic Coincidence
The Goats In Trees Coincidence
Coincidence Photos Of Children And Their Dogs
The Mysterious Skull With The Golden Wreath Of Protection
The Guest House And A Girl In A Bikini Coincidence
The Date Coincidence On An Old Photo

Though the statistics are interesting the important bit for me is what I have learned personally by writing the posts, and also from other bloggers I have interacted with. I have by no means sussed out fully what this life of ours is all about but, there again, I don't think anyone else has either - despite what they may claim.

The one thing I do feel certain of is that we are all immortal. Death, as we know it, is only a transition from this life to some other level. Though I have my theories about this I cannot say that I am 100% sure as to what happens next. I guess you could say that death is quite an adventure!

My thanks to all subscribers and 67 Not Out readers and also to the other bloggers I have got to know - I won't mention any names in case I miss someone out!

I wish everyone a wonderful 2012. Much has been written and theorised about the year ahead.  Things may well be on the change but change doesn't have to be negative. I feel quite optimistic about the future.

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  1. I've enjoyed reading all your posts Mike, some really lift the mood of the day with your humour and subject matter. Many thanks for allowing me to use your articles on my own site. All the best for 2012 to you and your family and keep on blogging!

  2. Mike, I have enjoyed your posts very much as well. You say that you have learned from writing the posts, well I have learned lots from you too, you get me thinking. Thanks and all good wishes to you and Karin for 2012.
    Suzie xx

  3. wish you well for 2012 and hope your blog continues to do well.

  4. Your blog is my first stop daily. Thank you for the wonderful posts and the way you have illuminated all the topics that interest me personally. Happy new year, Mike!

    I feel optimistic about 2012 as well.

  5. I always enjoy reading your stories Mike and usually end up reading them to my husband too(he's from the UK). Best wishes to you and your family for a very happy new year. I too am feeling optimistic about 2012.

  6. I follow lots of blogs through Google Reader for both business and pleasure. This means I never miss a post yet also means I will scroll through dozens of daily posts. But yours I always stop to read even if I don't comment.

    I feel your blog has enriched my life on some days, and delighted me on others. I still chuckle when something reminds me of the tale of the traveling sock.

    Your walking/vacationing pictures and insights are awesome. Your war and time travel posts always make me pause to contemplate your content. And, I am always interested in coincidences!!

    Continue to post whatever you want to share - regardless of the stat counters. This is one lesson on my current marketing workshop: a few devoted readers who feel a personal connection between the writer and the reader is worth more than a thousand "hits."

    Have a wonderful 2012 full of blessings - and adventures to share. :D

  7. Keep bringing us those great pieces of life's puzzle to ponder throughout and beyond 2012 Mike.
    We've had some good syncs together in 2011.Let's see if we can keep 'em rolling throughout 2012.

    and Happy New Year
    to you,your family and your reader's.