Saturday, January 7

Ghosts Caught On Video

This video is purported to have been shot in 'an undisclosed' location in Albany, Georgia by a group of Ghost Hunters. While the recording was being carried out nothing was witnessed by the 'investigators'. It was only on viewing what had been recorded that two ghosts - or whatever - were seen.

There are two supposed ghosts, if you can make them out. The second, which appears to be a young child, is the clearest, to my eyes. I took a still from the video and messed about with the picture but couldn't make the ghost appear any clearer or more distinct. But see what you think - the video is very short, less than one minute, and the actual ghosts are on screen for much less than this.

There is a 'Case File' of this particular Ghost Hunting Expedition on the Just Ghost web site.

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  1. not sure i saw 2 ghosts but did see the one that looks to be a young girl. difficult to say for sure what these are

  2. They're visible in slow motion. How cool!

  3. Thanks Tom and Trish, must admit I'm not certain about the ghosts in the video but I guess we'll never get anything that is beyond doubt.