Wednesday, October 26

The Ghost Between The Girls Legs

The ghost between the legs
A group of young people and one of them decides to take a photo with his mobile phone, before they head off out. Probably something that's done thousands of times all over the world. But take a second look at the photo - there's a ghost between the girls' legs!

If not a ghost then what?

photo of a ghostMatthew Summers took the photo. He explains, "I zoomed in to my sister's mate's little sister who was crying and I saw a face. You can see all the facial expressions and everything."

The strange thing is that there had been sightings of a ghostly small child in the house previously.

So is this really a spirit or ghost captured on a photo? Those 'experts' will say no, of course. "It's all down to how we tend to 'see' faces in everything from clouds and trees to ink blots," they will no doubt tell us. But ... experts aren't always right, are they?

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  1. it looks to be a face but an odd place to find one so near the floor. definitely a little creepy

  2. It looks like a face. The expert explanation is as lame as when they call UFOs -that thousands have witnessed- weather balloons!

  3. Nice one! The face looks real.

  4. Anonymous00:49

    chld looks like the girls thats cryin walkin away !is it the ecocentric?