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The Orbs At St Cubys Church Tregony

St Cubys Church, Tregony, Cornwall

In yesterday's post Keeping The Devil Away At Veryan Cornwall I mentioned that we visited Veryan in Cornwall. Before we arrived there we stopped off at another village, Tregony, and wandered around the grounds of St Cubys church  (photo above). Unfortunately the church itself was locked.

On leaving the church grounds I took another photo (below) and, on looking at this, there appears to be four globes, orbs - or whatever you might wish to call them - towards the top of the picture. One is a very vivid blue and another less so, plus there are two smaller, brighter orbs. No idea how they would have got there as there is nothing like this on any of the other 40+ photos I took that day.

St Cubys Church, Tregony, Cornwall

Either side of the path to and from the church are old gravestones, some as far back as the late 1700s, though most from the 1800s. The one below is from October 12th 1738.

1738 gravestone from Tregony, Cornwall

St Cubys church has a strange figure's head above the porch entrance, together with a sun dial - which is still working okay. Not much to go wrong, I guess.

figure head above St Cubys church, Tregony, Cornwall

There are lots of old buildings in Tregony, the one below going back to 1646, an old alms house. The date is on a plaque on the wall.

Alms houses from 1646 in Tregony, Cornwall

Going back to the orbs. I know many are very sceptical about such things and put them down to digital cameras, dust, condensation and so on but, it's odd how only one photo has these out of 40+ taken on the same day. And it was a spooky graveyard with lots of old burials and ... Perhaps I'm getting a bit carried away but, whatever, it was an interesting visit.

St Cubys church entrance porch Tregony, Cornwall

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  1. My only experience of capturing an orb with a camera was the three photos I took at Byron Bay in August at the Byron Bay Writer's Festival.
    And even though I never physically saw the orb,I felt it's presence and it was a feeling of great peace.
    I sensed something was following me on my walk,but it wasn't a creepy feeling,it was a protective peaceful feeling.Seeing the orb captured on he camera was just a confirmation for me that some presence was there in a visual sense...even if it was just the sun's rays on the lens,it was a synchronistic time for it to happen,because it coincided with the presence I felt.

    So if you felt a presence Mike,and only you can answer this for yourself,despite what any reader here thinks.Then I would say they are real.
    I love how you captured that crow flying over the church.And are they white owls perched on the points of the steeple ?
    Nice photos.

    Oh...and if you read my latest post,I nearly had a major coincidence when I was taking the photo of my 8-Ball keyring.
    My phone-camera must number the photos as I take them and I noticed the two photos of the keyring were 886 and 884.I had taken another photo,but it was blurred,so I deleted it.
    The next photo I take will be 888.The 8-Ball photo was so close to being the 888th photo taken by my phone/camera.
    Out of 887 photos taken on my phone only 3 turned out to have orbs in them.And they are the 3 I posted on my blog.So,the camera seems to be working just fine.

  2. Those orbs, the two large blue ones, are impressive! Suppose orbs are one form that spirits take? Why not? The graveyard... 40 or more photos and these are the only orbs that showed up? Wow.

    I remember Daz's photos of the orbs, too. Good ones.

  3. Darren: I remember the post you did about the orbs. Interesting what you say about your feelings from the time you took those pics. My wife and I were completely on our own in the church grounds and graveyard and it was very peaceful - but I find churches often are. I didn't see the orbs physically.

    It's an interesting subject, which I can't fully make up my mind about. I have one photo from my holiday in Ibiza, taken at night, where there are dozens and dozens of orbs.

    Theresa whose blog I often read says she sometimes gets orbs in her photos when there is happiness and laughter.

  4. Anonymous19:30

    Hi there, have just noticed the references to orbs in our village churchyard. I'm just reading about them at the moment and I'm no expert, but from what I've read orbs are lovely signs from a higher plain (See Diana Cooper). The amazing colour blue seen in the photo of the churchyard can mean an angelic presence (possibly Archangel Michael?) I've also been told that we are in close proximity to the Mary and Michael ley line which runs through the area down to St Michaels Mount and on to Mt St Michel in France. Regards Sarah