Friday, January 13

Keeping The Devil Away At Veryan Cornwall

Roundhouses at Veryan, Cornwall

After weeks of overcast grey skies there was sunshine today so we went in search of something interesting. Well, at least for my wife and I!

We set off, with no destination in mind, and found ourselves heading for the small village of Veryan in Cornwall. A lovely little spot, especially as there were amazing blue winter skies.

On entering the village the first thing of note are the round houses or cottages - there are five in total. These thatched cottages were built in about 1810 by the local vicar, a Parson Trist, for the use of local labourers. He also thought that they would be a decorative feature for the village. Records show they cost £42 (about $60) to build - inflation has a lot to answer for!

They are a strange design, being round, but there is said to be a reason for this - to keep the devil away! Both from the cottages and from the village itself. Maybe not away, as such, but there are no corners in the cottages where he can hide. For extra protection a cross was placed on the top of each thatched roof.

The round houses of Veryan are now privately owned. The one in the photo at the top of the post, known as the Right Round House, does bed & breakfast for visitors to the area.

Veryan round house to keep the devil away

The next photo is a view of the back of two of the roundhouses.

Veryan roundhouses from the back, Cornwall

There are other thatched houses in the village, the one below at Veryan Green.

Thatched cottage or house at Veryan Green, Cornwall

After Veryan we drove into the countryside ...

Countryside at Veryan, Cornwall

... and then to the small fishing village of Portloe to eat our packed lunch while overlooking the sea.

Portloe, Cornwall fishing boats

All in all a very pleasant day - and not a sight of the devil anywhere!

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Photos: © Mike Perry 2012

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  1. Love it, love it, love it!!! Always enjoy these posts and your photos on Cornwall (and your other travel ones). Ever thought of doing a travel blog?

    Next time I'm in Cornwall I'll have to take in Veryan, looks so lovely.

  2. Anonymous12:45

    How lovely this looks, a different world from the busy town where I live. Thank you for a glimpse of Cornwall.

  3. Re:
    "Records show they cost £42".
    Well,according to
    "A Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy"
    42 is the answer to the meaning of life.-)

    P.S. My Brother-in-law's name is Verran.I wonder if it is connected in some way to Veryan?
    My Mother-in-law always would say it was a name to do with England in some way.

  4. Suzie: Did once toy with the idea of a blog about Cornwall but decided it would take up too much of my time.

    Grace: Parts of Cornwall are quite special.

    Darren: It is believed Veryan comes from the name of St.Symphorian. Symphorian became Severian over the years and then Verian and now it's Veryan.

  5. Hobbit houses!! I love these visits to Cornwall, Mike. Great photos.

  6. Trish: Hobbit houses - that sums them up. So different to where I was born in west London!

  7. Nice to see these pretty pictures. It's snowing like mad where I am, so these are peaceful...

  8. A New Soul: It's been very mild here in the UK so far, nothing like a normal winter. The flowers are getting confused and we have Spring blooms already. It's going to change though say the forecasters.

  9. Maybe you should do infrequent posts titled "Cornwall Corner",or something like that? Devoted just to travels and sights of interest around Cornwall.

    By the way it is bloody hot where I am...and no I'm not dead yet.-)
    But it is the middle of Summer in Australia,so it's nothing unusual.

  10. Interesting idea Darren. Hot? Lucky you. After just saying (above) it's been very mild here it has turned cold! Wouldn't mind a bit of your sunshine, if you have any to spare.