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The Reincarnation Of Brian Blessed's Brother

Brian Blessed reincarnation
Brian Blessed is a larger than life British actor who is fortunate enough to have met the Dalai Lama more than once.

During one of the visits the Dalai Lama passed on remarkable information about reincarnation to Blessed.

First though, Brian's slant on the Dalai Lama himself:

"He is truly extraordinary and has an incredible aura, although he's not holier than thou.

When I was alone with him I felt an incredible burning sensation in my head and body, which was quite electrifying. I found myself becoming completely honest with him, totally myself and ended up being semi-rude to him.

I told him that he made me sick and he giggled and asked why. I said because he was such a goody gum drops.

Dalai Lama
I asked him if he ever lost his temper or got impatient with anyone and he said, 'Ooh yes, a while ago a doctor came and gave me an injection and he stuck the needle in too deep and ooh, it was so painful! I told him I hated him! He was a big fat doctor, fatter than...' Suddenly he stopped and we both knew what he was about to say. He was fatter than me!

I pretended I was hurt and the Dalai Lama got down on his knees and asked me to forgive him. We just laughed and laughed – he has such a sense of humour."

Brian told the Dalai Lama about his brother who was very ill. Unfortunately his holiness didn't pass on any miracle cure but informed the actor that he shouldn't worry because, though his brother would die shortly, he would be happily reincarnated as a boy in Halifax, Canada. He was told that 'God would look after him.'

The Dalai Lama passed on details and Blessed was later able to visit Halifax where he met the boy. He was amazed of how the child looked so much like his brother, though with a Canadian accent. The boy seemingly took an instant liking to the actor.

Blessed is quoted as saying that this proves the 'miracle of life'.

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  1. one bloke who annoys me is brian blessed when he is on TV. over the top parody of an actor but the reincarnation bit about his brother is interesting

  2. Fascinating. How did the Dalai Lama know where Blessed's brother would be reborn?

  3. It's funny Mike that after the post I read on your other blog about your father's darts and my comment about Goswami and his "do be do be do",I was thinking about posting a You Tube of him explaining "do be do be do" and came across this film about the Dalai Lama;

    and thought yeah I'll post a preview of that as well because Goswami is in the film,too.
    I may still do it.

    I've got to say,I saw the Dalai Lama in Brisbane in the late eighties and he didn't make that much of an impression on me.He's an OK guy who laughs a lot,but I can find those kind of guys in any country in the world,without having to travel to Tibet.
    I'd like to meet him again if he come back out again,and have a chat about reincarnation to him.
    But I fear he would say something like "Oh no,not you again!?"-)

  4. Tom, Trish and Darren - thanks for comments.

  5. Anonymous21:30

    Brians brother was my school mate both at Highgate and Dearnside Secondary Modern schools. After leaving SouthYorkshire to join the army as a boy soldier I never saw him again so it came as a shock to hear he died at 52. If you are in contact with Brian please give my best wishes and remind him of Dondo our art teacher.
    yours Trevor Guest (