Wednesday, February 15

The Ghost Of A Child Caught On Camera

ghost of a child photo

Sarah Walsh from Redhill, England, had a new phone so she tried out the camera on her children. She deleted the first attempt because her kids seemed to have halos above them. She tried again with her son Sirius in the picture.

Ghost photo or spirit of a child
It was then that she noticed that Sirius had a ghostly friend included on the photo. Odd to say the least.

The thought of ghosts or spirits roaming their house hasn't, however, spooked the Walsh family. Grandmother Julie says that they have a friend who is a bit of a psychic and he has told them that, "You’ve got lots of them in here – people from the other side in your house."

Julie has denied that the photo is faked. She insists that no one in her family has the technical know-how to mock up a forgery.

I tried to make the 'spirit / ghost' a bit clearer by making it slightly larger and altering the colouring. The result certainly looks like a child and not some trick of the light.  As to whether it's a genuine ghost, that's up to the reader to decide.

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  1. Truly eerie! The change of color really makes the ghost child much clearer.

  2. I don't see any reflective surfaces so I'd say the ghost child felt he should be considered as one of her children.

  3. Anonymous19:41

    Fake... This image is from an iPhone APP called Ghost Capture. Just run a google search for "iPhone Ghost Capture images" and you'll see this one and many others.

  4. Don't know if it is real or fake but it is definitely fascinating.

  5. awe he's a cute little ghost boy as well i wouldn't mind being his big buddy id play with him

    1. Anonymous22:57