Friday, December 9

Classic Photos Of Spirits And UFOs

Photo of a female spirit

I was sorting out the photos I have accumulated on my computer when I came across these old, some very old, photos of ghosts or spirits from the spiritualist period and also supposed UFO photos. I thought I'd publish them as a post today. As for the pics - I'm not saying that they are all genuine! I have tarted them up a little: removing blemishes and so on.

The photo above is of a couple and what is purported to be a female spirit ... and below a woman's face appears above a couple. The face was identified at the time as the sister of a man prominent in the Spiritualist Church. Her cloak adds to the ethereal effect.

Picture of a spirit at a spiritualist meeting

Not sure who the characters are in the next picture but the gentleman signed the photo to verify it was genuine - though the spirit looks a little like a man in drag!

photo of a spirit at Spiritualist meeting

Below is a spiritualist surrounded by 'signs of a spirit presence' - that's all of the smoke-like stuff around him.

A spirtualist with signs of a spirit presence

The 'Haunted Castle' had ghosts to order! The attraction was at the Hoppings Festival in Newcastle, England which dates back to 1882. It started out as a Temperance festival to combat the drunkenness of a Summer Race Meeting held at the same time. The photo came originally from the Tyne and Wear Archives Museum.

The Haunted Castle

Now we move on to UFOs. The first photo is of a UFO sighting in New Jersey supposedly snapped in July 1952.

UFO sighting in New Jersey

Next is what has become known as the Swedish 'ghost rocket' photographed in Sweden, of course, on July 9th, 1946 by Erik Reuterswärd

Swedish Ghost Rocket

The Chinese also have had their share of UFO sightings and this one dates back to 1942 and was spotted in the town of Hopeh.

Chinese UFO photo

The following photo was photographed in the winter of 1870, and deposited with the US copyright office in 1871. This means it's the oldest UFO on photo. Unfortunately it's generally thought of as being a fake.

Oldest UFO photo from 1870

We finish up with an illustration of a mystery airship from 1897 - The Saint Paul Globe (Minn).

Mystery airship from 1897 - The Saint Paul Globe

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  1. I like these old photos especially the spirit ones. I don't think they are real but it's interesting how people "saw" spirits as being at the beginning of the last century.

  2. Love these old photos. They remind me of some of the pics in Hans Holzer's classic book on ghosts - and the title escapes me! In the heyday of Spiritualism, it seems that everyone was seeing ghosts.

  3. Great photos. Since these were before the days of Photoshop they are even more fun. That one from 1871 makes me think of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. :D

  4. Hello! Im a new follower of this blog! Great reading on a dreary friday night. How to I get intouch with Mike? I have an orb photo he might like.