Tuesday, February 7

Luxulyan Valley Combined Viaduct And Aqueduct

Icicles in Luxulyan Valley, Cornwall

A little off subject today! Some people say it doesn't get cold here in Cornwall, England - huh! It's bitter today, below freezing and there are even icicles hanging from the rocks and foilage at Luxulyan Valley, as the photo above shows.

Even though it's cold we still wanted to walk so we headed for Luxulyan (pronounced Luck-silly-un) Valley where there are lots of paths and also a very old viaduct and aqueduct combined crossing the valley.

Luxulyan Valley viaduct and aqueduct Cornwall

The viaduct / aqueduct is bigger than the photo above shows. It has ten 40' arches and from the base it is 100' high with a length of some 650'. It's made of local granite stone and the building commenced way back on the 15th of March 1839. This must have taken a lot of manpower with the stone blocks being raised up by only blocks and pulleys.

Luxulyan Valley Cornwall

The construction was built for two reasons. Firstly to carry water across the valley. There is still water flowing across today. And secondly to transport granite - using horse carts - from quarries to the other side of the valley.

We climbed to the top and all that can be seen is what looks to be a pathway made of granite blocks. The water flows below this stone floor and glimpses can be seen in parts where the blocks are no longer close together.

Top of the Luxulyan aqueduct and viaduct

The valley is full of water: a river and water flowing through a comprehensive leat system.

Water in a leat in Luxulyan Valley, Cornwall

Near the valley, in the grounds of Prideaux, is a hill-fort at least 2,000 years old and it is believed there were dwellings in the valley in mediaeval times.

River running under Luxulyan Viaduct and Aqueduct, Cornwall

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For more information on Luxulyan Valley go to The Friends Of Luxulyan Valley website.

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Photos: © Mike Perry 2012


  1. I really enjoy these walks virtual walks through Cornwall. What a fascinating set of photos.

  2. I'm a Cornwall fan and also love these sort of posts. Never heard of Luxulyan Valley before though, looks to be an interesting place. Are there lots of walks?