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The Mystery Of Jesus Visiting Cornwall In England

Cornwall in England, where I live, is full of mystery and legends. One of the stories is that Jesus visited the county and walked on the land where the St. Just In Roseland Church is now situated - photo above.

St. Just In Roseland mapThe legend is that his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, brought Jesus ashore here. The church is a very special place in a wonderful waterside, almost semi-tropical setting and it has a great feeling of peace and tranquility.

There have been many claims that Jesus visited England. This was partly popularised by the poet William Blake and his words for the hymn Jerusalem: "And did those feet in ancient times walk upon England's mountains green ..."

It is quite plausible that Jesus did visit England. The Romans did so quite easily at around the same time, so why not Jesus. A large chunk of his early life is missing from the age of 12.

He may have come to England to exchange ideas and beliefs with the Druids and Celts.

Jesus, as well as visiting Cornwall, may have also stayed at Glastonbury.

St. Augustine is said to have written to the then Pope saying he had discovered a church in Glastonbury built by followers of Jesus at about 37 AD. A 6th Century cleric, St.Gildas, however, went one step further and said it was built by Jesus himself.

Going back to the St. Just In Roseland Church. This was built in the 13th century but has a Celtic heritage stretching back beyond the 6th century. I love the setting, on a sunshine day it's perfection.

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  1. What a gorgeous setting! I'd never heard this story about Jesus and Cornwall,but hey, why not? I like the idea of him visiting with Druids!

  2. A fantastic post that makes one wonder......who really knows?

  3. Great post and it makes total sense that Jesus did explore this peaceful place to learn, as shown with the teachers and scribes at age 12. All the stories thereafter do present Jesus as a traveling man...

  4. ive heard the stories of jesus visiting england but dodn't know he may have been to cornwall. i can see that he would have travelled

  5. Imagine if it was discovered that he was called Merlin in England. That would rock the boat! Rob

  6. The church is beautiful in that setting. I love the windows with the arches. Cornwall looks so lush. I've read books about the life of Jesus and still feel there is so much we don't know...more mystery and legend I suppose.

  7. John Kim07:51

    I've always loved Cornwall. I was looking for wedding venues in Cornwall when my sister got married, and it was very spiritual and intimate.

  8. Anonymous09:57

    Its most interesting and I totally believe it. Since hearing the story about Jesus lost years (he disappeared from the age of 12) - a jewish man in those days came of age at that time so he would have been channeled into a profession as a man: more than likely his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, took him with himto teach him the family trade: a tin merchant travelling between Cornwall tin mines and Nazareth. After hearing the story I checked around the names of the towns in the area and find many Hebrew names transliterated into English (for instance: the River Tamar - this is an old testament biblical name and it is also the name of a fruit. The town of Minion in the same area - well "Minion" in Hebrew means a "gathering of ten people" required for daily prayers. In ancient and modern Judaism, in order to hold prayers you must have at least a "Minion". Also, following the crucifixion, Joseph of Arimathea came to Cornwall with ten disciples, also for the same reason - in order to pray you had to have 10 males. There are other Hebrew words representing names of towns in Cornwall. This is just a few ive had time to study but there are so many more i have to look at. thanks for your time. Lorraine

  9. It is good to see the complete photo of this wonderful church. Quite interesting comment thread as well. The hymn, Jerusalem, is widely used and well known in U.S. I must read each verse of it now.

    1. "And did those feet in ancient time
      Walk upon England's mountains green ..."
      There are several stories in Cornwall about Jesus' visit. He also supposedly went to an island off Looe - because of his uncle, who dealt in minerals and metals which were found in Cornwall.