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Elvis Presley And Madonna's Satanic Illuminati Links

Madonna occult symbols

I had some unexpected free time this morning so I thought I'd see if there was anything I could find on the Internet that would be suitable for a future post. I didn't have any subject in mind.

I went into my blog stats first and saw that for today I had 1111 page views so far. I felt the number significant. It came to my mind that Elvis Presley's come back album, after being in the US Army, Elvis Is Back, was GZS-1111. (I have this on a vinyl original recording). So off I went hunting the King!

Elvis Presley 1111 Elvis Is Back

I've written previously about how I like early Elvis Presley rock music and somehow while Googling this I found how Elvis was supposedly controlled by the Illuminati! I hadn't heard this before despite having quite a few books about him. The website Educate-Yourself indicated that it was okay to copy their material so here's a sample:

"Elvis Presley was ... programmed by the Illuminati. We know that at times he went by code names, one which is publicly known was John Burrows. His group, called the Memphis Mafia, have talked about his ability to go into altered states of consciousness, even to seem dead."

The web site continued by talking about Elvis' twin who died at birth and as also mentioned in my post The Twinless Twin Mystery

"Cisco points out that Elvis’ twin brother was dead at his birth, and that Elvis knew that this gave him double spiritual power (according to Illuminati beliefs)."

"The Illuminati will often kill a twin, so that the other will get the power of two souls. From what we understand, Elvis Presley’s handler/programmer was Col. Tom Parker." Who was, of course, his manager.

"Elvis belonged to a team of four Illuminati men. Elvis is publicly known to have studied yoga, numerology, drugs, and received some new age spiritual training in an academy overlooking Pasadena, CA. He was an active member in the Theosophical Society."

A little further on the website writes:

"Elvis and the Beatles were chosen by the Illuminati to introduce rock music to the United States. There is no doubt about Elvis’ and the Beatles’ musical talent. Elvis’ close friend Wayne Newton is highly suspected as also being a slave. Elvis worked with Burt Reynolds and Jerry Lee Lewis who also connect in with the Illuminati’s mind-control operations."

"The authors are puzzled why Elvis’ grave, which had millions of dollars spent on its security, has his name misspelled. We are also puzzled why Elvis, who repeatedly stated he wanted to be buried beside his mother, is buried beside his father, who he privately stated wasn’t even his real father. Why has no one ever tried to collect insurance on Elvis’ death? Once again, it seems, the front stories that the public hears are full of inconsistencies. We believe that some people in the Illuminati know the true story about Elvis Presley. For sure Elvis’ mysterious mind-control programmer/handler Col. Tom Parker would know."

Another search and I came across a post about Madonna from a Christian blogger, Stacey Dames. She writes about how she used to be a Madonna fan but ...

"I was pulled from the wreckage by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In honor of the One who saved me, I now write about this woman (Madonna) who has been used willingly since 1983 by Satan and the New World Order elites to further their end time agenda."

Stacey goes on to give a long list that 'proves' Madonna's links with Satan from when she started in show business. One of these links or associations is with Elvis Presley. By coincidence Elvis died on Madonna's birthday, 16th of August. This is what she writes:

"1987: Madonna pays homage to the King of Rock and Roll throughout her career, linking herself to Elvis Presley in various ways. Elvis' death and the continued idolatrous celebration of him also happens to be her birthday - August 16th."

"Elvis Presley is a known occultist who is very fond of satanic theosophist Madame Blavatsky, and even reads to his audiences from her books after performances. Blavatsky teaches that Lucifer is the one true god, Jehovah is satan, and the enlightened one, satan, is coming to rule the planet during the Age of Aquarius."

"Madonna pays homage to the King by kissing a poster of him in her movie, 'Who's That Girl?'"

I glanced at my clock and as it was 11:11 so I thought it must be time to move onto something else!

So should I now ditch my very old collection of vinyl Elvis records, some will be worth a few quid? And I also have a couple of autographed photos of Madonna (see below). Must that now go too?

No way, I think I'll hang onto them, but it does make you wonder who or what you can believe.

There is no reality just our realisation of how things are.

Seen on Elvis Truth.

Nearly forgot to include this!

"The Memphis Mafia spent the next five years keeping Elvis subdued, feeding him drugs that kept him disoriented and overweight. He struggled to keep up his former life, performing stage shows and spending time with beautiful women, but eventually the poisons became too much for him. Elvis Presley died in August 16, 1977, murdered by Freemasons in retaliation for the death of J. Edgar Hoover."

Of course you won't find anything of this on Wikipedia!

Again, there is no reality ...

Madonna autograph photo

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  1. I find it interesting that yoga and numerology and "spiritual training" are equated with satan. Those 3 areas alone mean there are probably millions worldwide who are controlled by the illuminati!

    Intriguing post.

    1. There seems to be a tendency to lump anything slightly occult (hidden) together by some people and associate this with Satan, Illuminati, Freemasons, or whatever else is flavour of the month.

    2. Anonymous14:54

      flavour of the month, more like flavor of the century. Hell flavour of the millenium may be more accurate than flavour of the month. I make no assumptions nor posit anything, yet Humanity has been talking about the illuminati, freemasons, satan in relation to anything slightly occult for a looooong time. Food for though

    3. It is true. Freemasons/Jesuits are secret societies behind the New World Order of Antichrist. The Bible warns all this occult i.e. New Age is witchcraft, worship of Satan. We are living in the Last Days before Jesus return. You must be ready by accepting Yeshua as your Savior and study your Authorized King James Bible or you will be left behind to face the 7 year Tribulation period when billions will die.

  2. We are all controlled by the illuminati the NEW WORLD ORDER will be in our life time I hoped what I had stumbled upon was untrue but it's not its true and I for one am frightened.

    1. Anonymous08:36

      I was frightened also three years ago when I began researching all of this, but you must read the Bible and you will understand that even all this that is coming is God's plan. This is not the real world, it is meant to Satans for this season. But his time is coming to a close, and we each need to make a decision who we are going to follow. There is only two paths, just two. Either we choose God or the devil. Once you really trust Christ Jesus, and read his word, you will lose the fear. God Bless

  3. Anonymous05:47

    There is a performer in Canada named "Donnarama" and this person is something Aquarius born at 11:01 and is super-creepy psychic

  4. Prince William, front cover Hello Magazine, issue 1111 - The Real William (with dark hair) - dated 22/02/2010.

    The future King.


  5. Magnificent post.

  6. Anonymous22:45

    So many things have unfolded that are layed out in the Holy Bible about the end times. Do not confuse who The King is ,Jesus Christ the Holy trinity Father Son & the Holy spirit. Repent & read Gods word.

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  8. Anonymous13:43

    Seen Madanna's shows lately? She is on a cross like Jesus. Sick stuff.

  9. Anonymous00:58

    if you want to know who all is involved with the illuminati you have to know that hellen keller was a satanist witch that taught millions of kids the i luv satan rock on sign which is not the i love you sign and all tv hollywood personalities including all christian singers have flashed the rock on sign,,some of and i repeat most of the tv evangelists and musicians have flashed hand mudras satanic 666 and including all hollywood stars and singers even the pope has flashed the i luv satan in order to be a tv personality you have to luv satan...even pat robertson has flashed signs of satan dont know if he knows it but he has amy grant has...but they are not the illuminati they are the puppets for the 1%ers somehow i think are also involved with the all seeing eye group freemasons and the catholic church...but there may be a smaller percent above them known as the bilderburgs and the oil elites..these persons are poisioning us on all levels and the cia has been known project mkultra given out lsd to ted kacisnki and other groups as part of a mind control group..these so called terrorists on our land killing our people look as though they are on lsd ...could our own govt or itanimulli be purposely trying to kill us....more than likely..after all bush senior started al queda

    1. my question to all these allegations is: just where and when did the Illuminati programming take place? I can never get info on that. And, when was Col. Tom Parker trained in Tavistock type programming skills ? I'd ask the same question about Dolly Parton and all the Disney kids. We see the product, but we never see the actual players in the programming events.

    2. Also, who introduced Ozzy and all the British satan rock bands into the whole satanic worship things. Was it the record companies, the management, or MI 5 / CIA / Tavistock operatives ? Who, who, who ? No one even hazards a guess. They always just say that so-and-so was programmed by the Illuminati. Ok, then WHEN and WHERE ? Did they disappear for a year to get programmed ? I mean WHAT ?

  10. Just one more: On a positive note, here is a URL which leads to a site which does at least point out operatives and their CIA roots: \
    Has a lot to say about Senator Byrd's "Freedom Train" and CIA operatives associated with it.