Tuesday, March 20

UFO Lights And Coloured Stars Over Cornwall

UFO photo Cornwall

There were 'things' in the Cornish sky last night. Okay, they might just be stars or planets - Jupiter can be seen near Venus at the moment for example - but these are my own photos. They haven't been retouched other than by cropping or enlarging for clarity.

The photo above was taken 18th of March, 2012 at about 9pm. As can be seen it shows a white light and also you might just be able to make out a very small green light towards the right of the photo. I have enlarged the green 'star' or whatever (and no, it wasn't an aircraft light!) as below.

A green star

I'm no astronomer so perhaps others can say what these might be - I'm not claiming it is a UFO but, I guess, as I don't know what it is then it is unidentified.

large light or UFO in sky

There was also a red star / planet, maybe Mars? Photo below, which has been enlarged and cropped to show the red blob.

Red planet or star

Going back to the green star/planet/whatever it's interesting that some 'experts' write on the Internet that there is no such things as green stars. See for example Why are there no green stars.

NASA, however, state that stars can be any colour, including green. To quote: "The reason that people do not often mention green stars is simply that green is in the middle of the visible spectrum. Therefore a star that gives off a plurality of its light in the green (similar to our Sun), also gives off lots of red, orange, yellow, blue and violet light. When we see this mixture of colors it usually appears white or yellow."

On the website Astronomy Central they say that on the 19th of March, the day after I took the photos, the following planets can be seen from the UK: Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn. So perhaps what I saw were simply planets but there again ... the top photo doesn't look how I imagine a planet to look.

I must search the sky more often. I only did so last night as my wife went outside for something and then called me to look at the strange stars.

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  1. i read something about jupiter and venus being visible near to each other think its westward. the top photo doesnt look like a planet

    1. I saw what I took to be Jupiter and Venus and they were in a westerly direction.

  2. The top photo has that UFO shape. I've never seen a green star! I have an app on my ipad that shows the constellations and stars in the night sky and also indicates satellites and their positions. Jupiter and Venus are very bright right now - and look like stars/planets. Was the object in the top photo moving??

    1. I should have said in the post that the object didn't appear to move, it seemed to be static, though flickered slightly. That app sounds interesting.

  3. One never can tell, but oh do we wonder.

  4. Nice photos Mike.
    If you had of taken the picture of the green "star" on March 17th (St.Patrick's Day),that might have explained a few things,but it would have been too late for green stars on the 18th.-)

    1. Could have been left over from the celebrations I suppose.