Thursday, March 15

Embarrassing Coincidence On A Nudist Beach

An embarrassing coincidence story today from 67 Not Out reader Alice. I don't think the story needs any further introduction.

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"I read on your other blog the story She Was Topless In Front Of Her Postman and it brought back memories from a holiday I had in 2010. I had a similar embarrassing coincidence happen to me. Please don't print my full name as the thought makes me still blush today, Alice will do.

I was on holiday with my husband in Fuerteventura before our daughter was born. The island has lovely long, sandy beaches though sometimes it can be very windy as they blow in from the Atlantic. It was unknown to us before we arrived but many of the beaches are full of nudists. At least I don't think my husband knew!

At first we were very modest when we went to the beach and kept well covered but as we didn't know anyone there we gradually got braver. I went topless and finally both of us took the lot off. It was a very pleasant experience sunbathing and then swimming in the sea to cool off.

This was fine, as I said we didn't know anyone else, and we walked quite a long way along the beach so we wouldn't bump into any of the other hotel guests. It was nearly 2000 miles from home, I told myself.

After four or five days of this I was even brave enough to go for a swim by myself. I came out and, very similar to Sally's story, a voice said, "Hello Miss."

I'm a junior school teacher and there before me was one of my pupils, aged seven, looking at me. Worse still was his father was standing next to him fully nude. I wanted to run away as I felt so flushed and embarrassed. I took a deep breath, which probably wasn't a wise thing to do, and mumbled something like, "Hello Timmy and what a lovely day it is Mr J****," and with that walked away.

We went to a different beach the following day. I remember the holiday fondly as the daughter I mentioned was born nine months later."

~ Alice

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  1. The naked truth will always be exposed,
    I guess .-)

  2. Anonymous21:26

    Send me your holiday photos please