Saturday, March 3

Her Guardian Angels Visited Her In Hospital

A very short story today about a white feather, but it is one that touched me greatly for some reason. It has a slightly differing slant from other posts I have done on the subject. Usually the white feathers seem to appear following a loved ones death - you will find quite a few such experiences on this blog. The following story, however, is different, as you will see. The writer wishes to remain anonymous.

"I just had a serious emergency surgery and felt as if I was all alone in the world.

After returning to my hospital room, about eight or ten hours after surgery, the nurse came to my room to check on me. She noticed a long white feather sticking on me under my gown.

After reading your blog I assume this meant I was not alone. My guardian angels: my deceased husband and father were with me.

Thank you."

And here is another comment, left on White Feathers Comfort The Bereaved
where the white feather may have been a sign from a Guaradian Angel, depending on your beliefs.

"We had a loose paling on the balcony of our two storey house,when our son was 2/3yrs old. We blocked it up, apparently not well enough and my son fell through and off the balcony. He wasn't hurt at all, but rushed him to the doctor's just incase. The only thing I found on him, was a perfect,tiny white feather stuck in his curls. I like to think his angel softened his fall. I still have that feather."

For those wishing more on the subject of how we can reconnect with those who have passed on to the other side I can recommend Trish and Rob MacGregor's book Synchronicity and the Other Side: Your Guide to Meaningful Connections with the Afterlife.

To quote from the introduction of their book:

"You'll see that the walls separating this world and the other side are not insurmountable, that you can obtain messages from deceased loved ones, that guidance can be found, that a larger picture of life and life-hereafter is readily available. In fact, the more contact you make, the more the so-called realm of the dead appears to be buzzing with life, potential, and promise."

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  1. Wonderful feather stories! Different take, certainly synchronicity. Thank you for mentioning our book!

  2. Mike,here's a dare for you...or a mission,should you choose to accept it...-)...,let's say,that if a white feather should present itself in a 'coincidental' fashion to you before St.Patrick's Day
    (March 17th)...and only your heart can be the judge of whether it's a coincidence or not.Then this will be a sign that you should write a book on the white feather coincidence.
    And if you don't find one,this will be a sign that you should at least think about writing one.-)
    Deal ?

    1. Oh! How can I refuse? March 17th it is though I have no affinity with St Patrick's Day.

  3. Re:
    "March 17th it is though I have no affinity with St Patrick's Day".

    Me neither,it was just a date that popped into my head.
    I was going to say a week from today,but the thought that it wasn't quite enough time made me choose St.Pats as a visible deadline,without being too far into the future.
    It's just an intuitive feeling I get that this book should be written by you.I'm not saying that it will be a best seller,but I think in terms of affecting people's lives for the better,it could prove quite important.
    This is just my way of throwing the challenge back at the forces that be,to see if the book is as important as I feel it is.
    Game on!