Monday, March 5

I've Had The Time Of My Life From The Afterlife

The time of my life

The following was left as a comment by Richard following my post Watching Over Us With White Feathers. I've copied the comment as written. It's a touching illustration of how those who have passed over are still with us.

I've been reading your posts on white feathers and though I have never experienced this myself I have had similar things happen to me after my wife died recently after an illness.

I live near the sea on the east coast of England and at this time of year there aren't too many people about on the beaches. I was walking along the soft sand as the tide was going out. Feeling emotional and thinking of my wife I wrote her name in the sand in big letters.

I slowly walked away and back to the road where I immediately saw a silver heart pendent on the pavement. That day would have been our silver wedding anniversary.

One of the songs from 1987 the year we were married was I've Had the Time of My Life and my wife would sing this to me. When I got back to my car and switched on the engine the radio also came on. The words I heard were, 'I've had the time of my life and I owe it all to you.'

These two things meant so much to me and it was as if my wife was still near me.

That night our daughter came round to make sure I was okay and I told her what had happened.  She gave me an anniversary card that her mother had told her to buy for me. My wife was in hospital at the time but had written inside: Thank you for giving me the time of my life. All my love forever.  There was a silver heart in the front of the card.

That's all I can write.

~ Richard

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  1. Phew! Simply amazing and emotional. I was almost in tears but happy at the same time.

    1. I know what you mean, sad his wife died but happy that he'd had signs.

  2. Well,I can assure Richard that these things happen too much for them all to be coincidences.
    These type of coincidences have happened to me and many people that I know personally.
    In fact,I'm very confident that what Richard described was far from a coincidence.It was a message.
    If you do your homework,you'll find that there is definitely more to life than death.
    And that I will stake my life on,with confidence.

    So,if you don't hear from me again Mike,you'll know what happened...and you can scrub this last comment
    from this blog.-)

    1. I reckon you'll be around for your full span! Like you I'm sure they are messages.

  3. What a beautiful and powerful story. Richard's wife reached out to him repeatedly. She's with you still, Richard!

    1. Thanks Trish. Our loved ones are always with us.