Wednesday, April 18

A Message From The Dead Via A White Feather

spiritual white feather

My wife and I were walking around Par Sands, a holiday park where we used to own two holiday caravans which we rented out.

It was a while back when we owned the caravans and inevitably as we walked round the park we got to talking about the 'good old days' when our children were little and my mum and dad and Karin's mother were alive.

There was one occasion we remembered in particular when Karin's mother was over from Germany and my mum and dad were visiting us as well from London. As it was out of the holiday season, along with the children, we all went to one of our caravans.

"Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could do that one more time," said Karin, "I hope they are all thinking of us still."

At that moment a big fluffy white feather - the one in the photo above - floated down in front of us. It's nearly six inches long so we couldn't really miss it.

As regular readers will know I've mentioned white feathers in several posts, and how they seem to appear as messages or symbols from our loved ones who are no longer with us. So when we saw this particular feather we thought it must be from one of the relatives we had been talking about. They are thinking of us still!

I know many mock such things and that's fine, but we found it comforting to see the feather float down before us.

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  1. More material to put into that book you are going to write about white feathers.Right Mike?
    You already have one sale right here.

    1. The white feather didn't arrive before St Patricks Day though.

  2. And another sale here! I never tire of these white feather stories.

    1. Thanks Trish, but I won't be taking advance sales!

  3. Mike, your thoughts were transformed through multidimensional time to the correct place. I see white feathers rarely, though they tend to be on the smaller side. But a sign is very comforting, at least to the one receiving it.

    1. Thanks Barbara. Yes, signs are comforting as they help to reinforce beliefs.

  4. Anonymous15:57

    Mike, I've read your white feather tales with great interest. In fact it's what got me visiting your site in the first place last year. My father died after a few months' battle with cancer last July. At the graveside my brother and I were sobbing inconsolably, and as we turned away in tears to go home after the burial, a large white feather floated down from seemingly nowhere, and landed on the bare soil right next to the open grave. Everyone nearby stared in surprise, but I actually felt uplifted by the sight. The first thing I thought was: "we've just been visited by an angel". It's what my mother used to say when I was a child when we found a white feather. Kind of resonates with your musings in the next post too, I think about remembering things that have been said to you ;)