Saturday, April 14

Cardiff Car Park Astronomical Coincidence

Cardiff Bay Car Park
A coincidence story today from 67 Not Out reader Toby Holmes. If you have an interesting coincidence story you would like published on this blog please use the contact button at the top of the page - thanks.

"I recently bought a new car from my local garage in Middlesex where they took my old car in part exchange. A week later I headed off on holiday to South Wales with my family packed in it, that's two children and my wife.

We drove along the motorway and, after crossing the Severn Bridge into Wales, we decided to make a detour into Cardiff before going on to our holiday destination. We found a posh car park and then went for a walk around the regenerated area of Cardiff Bay. After having something to eat we headed back to the car park to continue with our journey.

As we walked over to where our car was parked our littlest son said, "Look dad it's our car."

I didn't reply so he said the same thing again. I said, "Yes, I know it's our car."

But what he was looking at was the car next to our new car. It was our old car! The one we had part exchanged with the garage.

I couldn't believe it, so I took a photo as I knew our friends wouldn't believe it either. By making a detour and parking in a space we chose, we were able to have another final look at our old car.

Odds of this happening must be astronomical"

~ Toby

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  1. That story is, um, astronomical. Not one to under sell a title are you! :)

  2. What an incredible synchronicity! I mean, really, the odds??

  3. Thanks Susie and Trish. Astronomical - incredible but, hopefully(!) true.