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Synchronicity Of A Beatles Song Sealed Their Romance

I read lots of coincidence and synchronicity stories but I think today's from Susan Stewart is a bit special.

Susan sent me her experience by email and the first time I read the words it sent a tingle down my spine. For some reason I really connected with the story, see what you think.

"Seventeen years ago I had a painful break-up. I hung onto the relationship, emotionally, long after it was over. I was going through the motions of moving on and dating but couldn't shake this person, even though much of the relationship had been unhappy.

During this time I reconnected with an old flame, Michael, because of the book The Artist's Wayby Julia Cameron, which discusses synchronicity. We started seeing each other occasionally.

He lived in Texas, I in New York City. I had a thousand reasons why he wasn't the one for me: he was older, had kids and so on. But I was always happy when I was with him and cared about him. He said he had never stopped being in love with me. (Though it had been some three years since we first dated).

He proposed soon after we got together again. I was very uncertain: I didn't want to stop seeing him, but wasn't sure about marrying him and didn't want to lead him on. I really didn't know what I should do. I finally asked for guidance from the Universe.

I'm a flight attendant and soon after petitioning the Universe I was dead-heading (traveling as a passenger) early in the morning on a flight from Caracas to Miami and listening to the inflight music. I heard a beautiful version of The Beatles' song I Will by Ben Taylor. It was so happy and sweet. I had taken the book The Artist's Way on the trip with me and was flipping through it. I wrote the lyrics to the song on the back jacket and wrote: 'Makes me think of Michael' and a big smiley-face.

When I got to Miami I called Michael at work. He said he was having a tough day because he'd woken up early in the morning and hadn't been able to go back to sleep. I asked what he'd done between waking up and getting ready to go to work. He said he had learned a new song on his guitar.

I said, "Hey, speaking of songs. I just heard an old Beatles' song that made me think of you called 'I Will'."

I asked him if he knew the one I was talking about.

He was quiet for a second, then said, "Call your answering machine in New York."

I thought, "You're kidding me."

"Call your apartment," he said.

I shakily called the number and heard this message:

"Hey Doll. I woke up early and couldn't sleep, so I learned this song. It makes me think of you." And he played the song, I Will.

Some of the synchros about this story:

~ I heard the song soon after take off - and he left the message on the machine at that same time.

~ I knew he liked the Beatles, or maybe assumed he did (because well, who doesn't?) but we'd never listened to any of their music together or talked about them. And of all the bands and all the songs there are - we were both thinking of the same one at the same time.

~ I wrote the lyrics in the back of the book that brought us back together (which mentions synchronicity).

~ We both said: "This makes me think of you."

~ I'd asked for guidance about marrying him. I felt I Will is basically like saying I Do.

The lyrics are such a promise of happiness too: 'Love you forever and forever, love you with all my heart, love you whenever we're together, love you when we're apart...'  The song also has a bit of a mystical edge - about looking for someone you may or may not know already - that you know will be who you've been searching for.

I did end up marrying him and, 17 years later, I'm still amazed by how much fun we have together, how perectly matched we are, how much we laugh - we still feel so lucky that we got to be together."

~ Susan

Thank you Susan!

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  1. Just read this before starting work this morning, made me all tingly and romantic - thanks! What an amazing story.

  2. What a wonderful and affirmative synchro!

    1. I think this is a great story from Susan for some reason it just gelled with me. She has sent me a photo of her and her husband and they look such a well matched couple. It was meant to be!

  3. Grace14:32

    A lovely romantic feel good story. Uplifting to read the article. Grace

  4. Anonymous19:35

    I often read yr blog but don't leave comments but this time had to say what a great story this.

  5. I really love their music, especially their album Sgt.Pepper. Thanks.

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