Friday, July 27

1948 And 2012 London Olympic Games

1948 London Olympics Poster

As the 2012 London Olympics kicks off today here are some photos and posters from the 1948 London Olympics. Back then it was a whole different world, without the influence of the likes of McDonald's, Coca Cola and Adidas advising punters what they can and can't eat or wear.

There's also a contrast in the Olympic posters. Look at the one above from 1948 and you know what it's all about. Look at the Tracey Emin poster below - yes, it's an official poster for the games - and it could be for anything, but the lovies love the 'artist'.

1948 was definitely a different era:

1948 London Olympics souvenir poster

1948 Olympics advertising poster

Picture Post cover for 1948 London Olympics

1948 Olympics hurdles race

1948 London Olympic medal ceremony

London Olympics 1948 medal ceremony

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  1. Striking differences! Is it true that security is super heavy??

    1. Security is about but it's a situation that can't be won. Damned if there's too much and damned if there's not enough.

  2. It was a whole different world. A world of family and respect. A world where real heroes were not Hollywood celebrities. A world where athletes wanted to win for their country, not for endorsement deals.

    Oh well, who an I to talk? I have plenty of my own faults to contend with.

    Nothing against England, but GO USA!

    Scott McMan

    1. I'm with you on this - family and respect matters. As for the Olympics it was the taking part that was important, not the commercial deals you can cash in on.

  3. Love the older posters!!

  4. Anonymous08:04

    I think winning a gold medal today at the Olympic Games is by far different than the old days. you can't go down the street without people stopping you.