Saturday, July 28

The Coincidence Of The Number 9

Coincidence of number 9

A coincidence about the number 9 today that Wayne noticed by accident. It's interesting how certain numbers seem to play a part in our lives over and over again.

"I wonder if you will think this is a coincidence or not? I didn't notice it until I was doodling with a pencil, when I should have been working.

I was born on the 1st of February 1978, my wife was born on the 4th of June 1980 (she introduces me as her toy boy!) and we got married on the 4th of March 1992 and our daughter was born on the 2nd of February 1995. Therefore our dates as numbers are:

1+2+7+8 = 18 (1+8 = 9)
4+6+8+0 = 18 (1+8 = 9)
4+3+9+2 = 18 (1+8 = 9)
2+2=9+5 + 18 (1+8 = 9)

These significant dates all equal 18 and then reduce down further to 9. This is what I saw as a coincidence. There are two more coincidences for me attached to 9.

I met my wife on the 9th September - 9/9 - and at the time I lived at number 9 A******* Road with my parents. We now live at 9 C********** Court.

There are a lot of number 9s in my life. I think, having discovered this, I ought to try to do important things on the 9th of the month."


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  1. Wow, that's a lot of 9s! Mathaddict should give her interp!

    1. Think I may have been conned with this one - see anonymous comment below!

  2. Anonymous20:25

    Wayne wrote"my wife was born on the 4th of June 1980 (she introduces me as her toy boy!) and we got married on the 4th of March 1992"

    Did your wife get married when she was 12 years old?

    1. Thanks for that anonymous. I hadn't noticed this! Must get back to Wayne.


  3. Maybe 18 is the number you should be looking at here?
    If not,there is a book by the name of
    "Nine Kinds of Naked" that you might enjoy.
    Number nine plays quite a part in it,
    and it's all about coincidence
    and synchronicity.

    1. Darren, I don't think this is a genuine coincidence - see above. I didn't notice this!

  4. Hmmm? If you google September 11, you'll come up with really strange things. Usually a date known for violence.