Sunday, July 22

A Donkey's Heavy Load Leads To Rambling Thoughts

Donkey with a heavy load

Readers will probably view the photo above differently. At one end of the scale will be laughter and at the other, sadness that animals are sometimes used to carry loads way beyond their strengths or capabilities.

I remember reading in an occult book many years ago about how we as individuals should never take on the loads belonging to others or should sacrifice ourselves in favour of someone else. Who, they argued, can say whose life is the most valued?

This by no means that we shouldn't help others, in fact this is probably our duty to offer assistance - but only if the load in manageable.

This follows even into the realms of business. When I first went into management my boss told me I was doing too much myself. He said he didn't care if he came in and I had my feet up on the desk (as if!) as long as the figures were good and all of the work was completed. He then told me a story:

Bob lived opposite Alan, their houses faced each other. One day Bob lent Alan £1000 on the understanding that it would be repaid on the following Saturday morning.

Alan knew he was unable to repay the debt so on the Friday night he couldn't sleep. He tossed and turned and was worried sick about what Bob would say and how he could ever repay him. He got into a terrible mental state until ...

He went to his bedroom window and called across the road to Bob.

Bob opened his window and Alan shouted across to him that he wouldn't be able to pay the £1000 in the morning as promised. He then went back to bed and slept soundly.

It was now Bob who couldn't sleep. He tossed and turned wondering how he could ever get his money back from Alan.

The load had been switched from Alan to Bob.

Sometimes it's necessary to put a little of the onus on others, as we should all play an equal part in the game of life.

Just a few rambling thoughts, apologies for the self indulgence!

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  1. Ramble away Mike, always interesting and gives me stuff to think about.

  2. Wow... maybe me smile!

  3. made me laugh at the photo

  4. Enjoy your rambling thoughts, which always lead somewhere definitive!

  5. Suzie, Dixie, Tom and Trish: Thanks for the comments.

  6. Just think if Jesus Christ hadn't taken on the sins of the world.

    I would willingly sacrifice myself for a child. Some of us are here to take on heavy loads and will give our own lives if need be.

    Imagine during WWI or WWII, if the soldiers decided not to go into battle? There are so many examples in history that show how people giving of themselves have made a positive, world changing impact.

    While forcing an animal to overextend themselves is wrong, in many cases, pushing ourselves beyond what is safe can make a difference.

    To me, playing it safe is paramount to selfishness in many cases.


    Scott McMan

  7. Good analogy of the world at present,maybe?
    Going Ass up ?