Wednesday, July 25

OBE: An Out Of Body First Experience

Out of body experience

Carrying on from yesterday's theme here's an Out of Body Experience story from A Customer who wishes to remain otherwise anonymous. His experiences with OBEs started when he was 17.

"I must have willed my first out of body experience which started as a very normal dream. I stumbled and knocked my head in this dream which I suppose triggered something.

Suddenly there was a very loud whistling and crackling sound in my ears and a rush of consciousness and I stood up in my dream more awake than I had ever felt before, everything that had been present in my dream was still there, buildings, streets and gardens, none of which I recognised. What the hell was going on?

I remember the sheer disbelief and shock that this was actually happening to me, I was wide awake in a dream, conscious of all my faculties and able to make conscious decisions about where I would go and what I would do, although something attached to me from behind was definitely pulling me back as if I was wading through Ink.

I clearly remember looking down at the clothes I was wearing and then at my hands, I got really scared at that point because I thought I had died in my sleep. Suddenly without warning there was a huge tugging from behind and I was pulled backwards through some lavender bushes, I remember the smell and branches scratching in my face and the loud whistling and crackling sound in my ears again. I was pulled up in to the air and watched the streets and strange gardens pass by under me, I lost my vision and all went dark but I could still hear the whistle and then I felt a definite transition in consciousness from higher to lower, I think?

I opened my eyes and was back in my bed at home, my night light was still on, my heart was racing and my usually docile cat was going crazy, staring right at me, growling and hissing as if she had seen a ghost.

I think I would have been happy with just one Out of Body experience, but that night I opened a door I have never been able to shut and for many years afterwards they continued almost every night sometimes two or three times a night, sometimes beautiful, sometimes terrifying but always different. I have many times been turned and guided by invisible hands. I am not a liar!

But who honestly could I tell? I quickly realised that it was not something you can mention in passing conversation, even to ones own parents and at the risk of being branded a nutcase or a fraud. I decided to keep it to myself for many years. Yes!It was a lot for a young lad to carry.

They still happen to me now 16 years on, although they are rare and they don't bring the fear that they used to, I think I have just learnt to live with it now although I still don't really know what was happening to me."

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  1. Re:
    " But who honestly could I tell? I quickly realised that it was not something you can mention in passing conversation, even to ones own parents and at the risk of being branded a nutcase or a fraud. I decided to keep it to myself for many years. Yes!It was a lot for a young lad to carry. "

    I had one when I was eleven (I'm now 47)and I still haven't told my parents about it.I did tell my wife about 3 months ago,because she was upset about her dead father and she asked me why I believed you live on,so I told her why and she hasn't rung the hospital yet.-)

    But you have summed up my feelings pretty well with the paragraph I quoted you on.
    It's something I would still be reluctant to talk about to just anybody.

    1. This seems to be the problem with so many things - we don't talk about them so they become hidden. If we felt free to do so we'd probably help a lot of other people who have no doubt had similar experiences.

  2. I had one obe in college. I was sitting in the kitchen with some friends and the record we were listening to got stuck (really old record player). No one got up to fix it. Suddenly, I found myself in front of the record player, reaching to fix the record, and my hand went right through it. I snapped back into my body.

    1. Interesting experience that you had there, Trish. I wonder of anyone would have 'seen' you by the record player?

  3. I call this lucid dreaming. Not trying to downplay your experiences, but dreams can seem as real as reality itself.

    If you practice, you can control what's happening and direct what happens next.


    Scott McMan

    1. Interesting about lucid dreaming, as you say can seem very realistic. We may well 'direct' everything in life that we experience.

    2. I can definitely tell you Scott that my experience was not a dream.It was real (or more real than reality itself...if that is possible).
      If you want to talk about lucid dreaming then you are definitely not talking about the experience I had.It was no dream.
      It would be like me telling you that these words you are reading here are just dream words,you are not really awake while reading this comment,you are having a lucid dream here.
      Bottom line is I don't care what you think I had,because only I can validate my experience (only to myself,I guess),while you can only speculate on my experience...until you have one of your own.
      This is why I don't talk about my experience to non-experiencers,because it is like trying to explain sight to a person born blind,it would be too much for them to imagine what I say could be possible,because they haven't experienced it.

    3. Thanks for that Darren - well said.

  4. I've had dreams and OBE's and there's a HUGE difference. Funny, I've never given it much thought over the last 30 years. Makes for an interesting read, Mike.