Friday, August 31

Avoiding Train Crashes And Other Disasters

 Angel and train disasters

It's interesting that when there is some kind of catastrophe - such as a train crash, Titanic disaster, tsunami and so on - there are always stories about people who should have been involved, perhaps even injured or killed, but for some reason stayed away.

train warningLyall Watson talks about this in his book Supernature and quotes an American mathematician, William Cox, who completed a survey in an attempt to discover whether people really do avoid travelling on trains which were going to be involved in an accident.

The mathematician collected data on the total number of people on each train, at the time of an accident, and compared these with the number of passengers who travelled on the same train during each of the preceding seven days and on the fourteenth, twenty-first and twenty-eighth day before the accident.

His final results, which covered several years, show that people did in fact avoid accident bound trains. There were always fewer passengers in the damaged and derailed coaches than would have been expected for that train at that time.

The difference between expected and actual number of passengers was so great that the odds against it occurring by chance were over 100 to one.

Okay, as someone or other said: 72.6% of statistics are made up! But it does illustrate that sometimes we may be guided away from events, happenings and people. Oh, and the opposite of course. We are also guided towards 'things'. That is, if we trust our intuition and feelings or anything else in which we believe.

In other words, if something doesn't feel right - don't do it. If it does, go for it!

Quote: Revelations can be simple or complex. They usually carry a special feeling with them; some get goosebumps, tingling or other physical sensations. Sometimes you may have no physical sensations but you feel a mental 'click' as if a piece has just fallen into place. You can receive revelations in many ways - directly into your mind as insights, from reading a book or by hearing something.
Sanaya Roman - Spiritual Growth

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  1. I don't need stats. I've been there. I've been in awe that the NYC death toll when the Twin Towers were destroyed on 9/11/01 was so low. On an average day it should have been in the 20,000 or more.

  2. Terri read my mind. I was just about to mention 9-11.

  3. I don't know about avoiding disaster but great advice nonetheless!

  4. There have been times in my life when I avoided going a routine route to a familiar location; something inside told me avoid the area. Later I would read or hear about an accident. You might call it a gut instinct or some one is talking to me??!!