Wednesday, August 29

Date Coincidence At The Hospital

Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske Truro

I had to go for a pre-operation assessment at the hospital today (August 29th).

The clinical nurse asked me loads of questions for the paperwork and on each form she wrote down today's date incorrectly.

She laughed and said words to the effect, "I don't know what's wrong with me today. I keep wanting to write 28/3 (how we write 28th of March in the UK) wonder why that is?"

"That's because it's my wife's birth date," I replied.

Karin was waiting for me anxiously in the waiting room.

Everything has a reason.

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  1. How weird. Hope everything is okay xx

  2. Hope all is okay! What did the nurse have to say when you said what you did? It's good synchro!

    1. The nurse wasn't really impressed, just brushed it aside.

  3. Here's one for you Mike.
    March 28th is also Lady Gaga's birthday;

    Now on her last album "Born This Way"

    she had a hit single called "Marry The Night"

    Which if you watch that You Tube in the above link,starts off with the lyrics -
    "Ï'm gonna marry the night,
    I won't give up on my life,
    I'm a warrior queen (?)
    (maybe change that lyric to king...or not?-)
    Live passionately,tonight,
    ..........I'm a winner"

    I think you should have this song as your theme song going into this op...I'm not into Lady Gaga...but even I like this song,it's got spirit.
    But that's probably because my rock star hero
    Bruce Springsteen (born on my birthday Sept 23rd...or the other way round I guess,since he is older)
    had some input into it -

    "It's like Whitney, but imagine if Bruce Springsteen had a baby with Whitney Houston – that's what it is", she said. "And that was it! We made a baby. Finally. After all that fornication, miserably long and tedious, Fernando and I finally conceived."
    —Lady Gaga, on "Marry the Night

    And Whitney had some input in this song as well,and she featured in a sync today that will be my next post.

    So I think this is a very good sign.
    Down load this song now and go out power-walking through Cornwall signing it till you feel it.
    OK ?!

    You married the night sort of literally
    (Karin-March 28th-Lady Gaga's birthday as well)
    so this is your song from the universe I guess?

  4. Also Richard Kelly;

    one of my favourite directors,was born on
    March 28th.
    His last movie "The Box" was written by
    Richard Matheson who wrote both movies featured in my post here -

    ...and what's the book title that I blogged about there?
    "The FORCE is with YOU".

    Another good sign,I think.

    1. Thanks Darren! I can see myself now power walking "in my fishnet gloves"! I like the idea though of being a warrior king with the force being with me. Thanks for the dose of positivity - I shall carry on taking this three times a day.
      Best wishes.

  5. OK,last one.
    Elliot Perry;

    a US basketballer was also born on the 28th March and was known as "Socks" because of the high long socks he wore during his college and NBA career.

    I know when you have ops over here the doctors make you wear long socks afterwards to help prevent blood clots.So maybe you'll be able to relate to being called "Socks"Perry too.-)
    Oh,and he lives in Germantown TN.
    (a suburb of Memphis TN.)
    And on the Wiki page it says -
    "Germantown is known for having some of the most restrictive sign ordinances in the country".
    Another good sign,I think.-)

    1. How about that - I must have been writing my comment the same time as you!

    2. And Karin was born in a German town!

  6. Power walking reminded me of Power-ball a lotto game that is drawn at 8.30 PM over here
    (it is 7:12 PM as I write this) so I rushed over to the site;

    and placed these numbers on-
    3,6,9,23,28 and powerball number 7.
    I was listening to Kirby Surprise's talk on sync and he said sync won't give you the winning number's in lotto...but I'm out to prove him wrong.-)
    I played Karin's birthday 28/3,my birthday 23/9 and I needed one more number and a powerball,so I cut 67 in half using 6 as a normal number and 7 as the powerball.
    It's a $6 000 000 dollar jackpot,so here's the deal.
    If those numbers come up and I win 6 mill,I'll give you a 1/2 mill.
    How's that for tempting fate?
    The odds are 54 000 000 to 1,so don't get the bank book out yet,OK?