Friday, October 19

The Football Coincidence Story

Jack Charlton playing for Leeds and Bobby Charlton for Manchester United
A coincidence story today from Edward Gill. It shows how things sometimes link up with the past, but without any real meaning - or maybe there is!

"I was with my adult son in a Sports Direct shop in my local town. We were looking for an England football shirt for my grandson Bobby as a birthday present.

As we looked around a man, about my son's age, came up to us and said, "Remember me?"

We realised it was a childhood friend of my son called Alan. He moved away with his parents when a teenager and was visiting the area. Quite a coincidence as we hadn't seen him for many years. We got talking about the 'old days'.

He asked me if I remembered when I used to play football with him and my son and pretended they were Bobby and Jack Charlton, two famous brothers who were England soccer players.

I did remember and my son told him how his son (my grandson) was called Bobby. "Fancy that," he said, "I didn't have a son but my eldest daughter is called Jacqueline. She's always called Jack by us and her friends and she's getting married soon to a bloke whose surname is Charlton!"

It was odd how this all linked up together but there was one more twist. Alan said, "And do you realise today is Bobby Charlton's birthday, 11th of October."

~ Edward Gill

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  1. There is always meaning on some level whether we see it or not.
    I was reading the Wiki page about Charlton

    and learned that he had swapped seats before the Munich air disaster that killed 23 lives.
    Had he of not swapped he would have died in that crash.Charlton was the first injured survivor to leave hospital,He arrived back in England on 14 February(Valentine's Day)1958, eight days after the crash.
    Maybe something else for the newly weds to consider on Valentine's Day every year?
    Charlton would also be a member of England's winning world cup squad,and if you're a fan Of Douglas Adams' book,
    "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
    you'll realize the ultimate meaning in the final score line of the match -
    England won 4–2 after extra time.-)
    Oh and talking about 11's with Bobby being born on the 11th.Douglas Adams was born on the 11th and died on the 11th...although none of those 11's fall on the same month.

    1. I forgot to put in the above comment the bit that Bobby wouldn't have been part of that England victory if he wasn't granted the extra time fate sent his way,also.

  2. Also,I've just learned that October 11th,2012 is
    "The International Day of the Girl Child" -

    1. Thanks for that input, Darren. You are right there is always a reason but often we don't bother to look or even see the obvious.

  3. I like how Daz added to this interesting synchro! I agree with him about these things having meaning at some level. Sometimes, we just have to dig around a little to figure it out.