Saturday, November 17

Boxes Of Peppers Coincidence

Supermarket boxes with name of Karin

We had someone coming for a meal and my wife (she was doing the cooking) wanted some peppers, so we decided to walk to the nearest small supermarket.

On the way we met another Karen who Karin knows - same name, but a different spelling. My wife's is the German version.

Afterwards, for some inexplicable reason, we started talking about the two versions of the name, "Ah," insisted Karin, "but you rarely see Karin spelt my way (with an i) in England."

And who was I to disagree.

We went into the supermarket heading for the peppers and there it was: her name Karin (as per the photo) three times and in boxes containing - yes - the peppers we wanted!

Never, ever seen boxes like that previously. I'm sure 'someone' is having a laugh at our expense when such 'coincidences' happen.

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  1. And if you look at the box of Karin peppers there is a heart made out of red,yellow and black.
    Isn't that the German national colours?
    And those boxes are sitting next to boxes painted with the Union Jack,highlighting the British/German - Karen/Karin topic in your post.

    1. I had noticed the hearts but did not tie them up with the German flag - thanks! And also, as you say, interesting how the Union flag links it all together: Karin / Karen + me and Karin.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Terri, so it's you that's having the laugh!

  3. I giggled at that, was meant to be.

  4. Love it. The trickster at work!

  5. Whoa, we get the same box with 'Karin' at the local market... holding tri-color peppers.