Monday, November 19

Leaders And Politicians Linked To The Illuminati By Hand Signs

George W Bush
There was a lot of interest in my recent two Illuminati posts so another one today. Illuminati hand signs from the famous starting with politicians and leaders past and present. First George W Bush - and even his daughter is in on the act too.

George Bush's Daughter Shows The Sign
And a few others ...

Dan Quayle
Nicolas Sarcozy of France
Silvio Berlusconi of Italy
Bill Clinton
And mustn't miss out Mr.Obama, of course...

Barack Obama
... and Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin
You may say that Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin aren't doing an Illuminati or recognition sign but instead are using the deaf hand sign for ILY - I love you. But there is even a twist to this.

Some say that Helen Keller, who developed sign language, was into Theosophy and occultism and because of this the deaf are innocently signing 'I Love You Satan'. Would she really have done such a thing? Most of her biographies do not mention her alleged occult interests.

But the sign is seen in the music world ...

There are a lot more examples to be found if you do a Google search. I wonder, though, how many are fully aware they are doing The Devil's Sign, sometimes known as the Sign of the Horns.

The hand sign on the right is said to be for recognition between those in the Occult.

If the thumb is placed under the middle two fingers this represents Pan or Cernunnos. Pan is well represented within rock music. Ozzy Osbourne, for instance, featured Pan on many of his album covers.

Nowadays with the knowledge to be found on the Internet secret signs are no longer quite so secret. Many seen within the music industry are perhaps false in many cases but with leaders and politicians there remains a hierarchy with great power. David Icke named George W Bush, amongst others, as an Illumanti member when he wrote, "George Bush: ex U.S. President and Vice President, head of the CIA, and with a stream of other roles in the Illuminati."

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  1. The hand sign for "I love you"
    in American sign language for hard of hearing people is pretty much half of the above signs being flashed above.

    And while I'll give you Bush is an evil f#c%,he is also a Texas longhorn fan and that is their way of saying so to other fans.

    If Bush was in the Illuminati though,it would only be as their village idiot.-)

    1. Bush's family are powerful and I feel are part of the 'Illuminati' - or whatever we may wish to call them. Such people, even if the son or child is a village idiot, have a sway on the population. How else could someone like George W become a President! Of course power nowadays is also, as Trish has indicated, related to corporations and money.

      I had read about the ILY and Texas Longhorn signs before I put up the post. Just trying to get a reaction!!

  2. Don't get me wrong though,whilst I don't see David Icke on the money with the hand sign thing,all of the above people have one thing in common,and that's that they are all just puppets of the ruling corporations.
    I spent a whole day in front of David Icke last year on the Gold Coast at one of his marathon lectures and I agree with most of what he said,but not all of it.
    Not so sure about the Reptilian thing,unless we are talking Jungian archetypes though.

  3. Icke was referring to george hw bush, W's father. Both are village idiots, the son more than the father. And there's still one more bush with political aspirations - jeb, the former governor of florida. Yuck. Ad all these politicians are owned by corporations. Maybe corporations are the real illuminati?

    1. Trish, you are right: it is corporations that own the world and to a degree do as they wish.

  4. Obama's looks like the Egyptian sign of the jackal.