Monday, December 17

Little Coincidences Can Mean A Lot

Autograph book

Nothing too dramatic for today's post but little things can mean a lot.

I'm a hoarder of old items that mean something to me. I was delving deep into one of my boxes and out came an old autograph book. This belonged to an old uncle and the dates in the book vary from the mid 20s to 1932.

I opened up the book at random and the pages above came to view. The two things I noticed were that the date on the right hand side is 23rd July - my birthday - and the name Michael in the address on the left hand page - my name.

I thought this was a bit of a coincidence or synchro. I turned the page and the next autograph was the photo below.


I immediately recognised the rhyme, in fact I wrote about this in a post called Miles Of Smiles And Butterflies in January 2010.

My father also wrote this in my own autograph book which I received for my seventh birthday - so dad wrote this on July 23rd. He had no connection with the other autograph book as the uncle was on my mother's side of the family. Another synchro or coincidence.

Autograph from dad about smiles

I've been researching my family tree recently and that's why I was going through my box of old bits and pieces. The old Uncle who the autograph book belonged to was called Wilf English and he came from the north-east of England. At that time in the 20s and 30s it was known for coal mines, ship building and they loved their sport, especially Newcastle United Football Club. This is reflected in some of the drawings in the book.

Drawing of working in a coal mine in nort-east England

Though the sketches are pretty basic they reflect what was important at that time.

And, of course the 1914-18 first world war was still in their memories.

I thought I'd finish this post with a poignant page from the autograph book.


"When the leaves of this album are yellow with age,
and the names I write here is dim on the page,
still think of me kindly
and dinna forget wherever I am
I remember you yet"
~ May 1929 Mary

I don't know who Mary was but I hope, wherever he may be, Uncle Wilf remembers her and she him.

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  1. Interesting synchros. I love what you call little synchros. They give the day a beautiful flow.

  2. Anonymous06:27

    I was attracted to this page by a picture, then I started reading and you have my same birthday! Interesting writings....julie