Tuesday, December 18

16th Century Chalice Reunited With Lid Coincidence

16th century chalice

Sara Richards
Sara Richards has had an interest in antiques for many years and acquired a silver lid some twelve years ago. She wasn't too sure what the lid belonged to: a teapot perhaps or a sugar basin?

Eventually, after much research she discovered that it was in fact a lid to a chalice - a very old one at that, could well be from the 1500s.

Time passed, as it tends to do, and about twelve years after discovering the lid Sara went to evening classes on the subject of archaeology. At the class she met Canon Graham Loveluck a priest on Anglesey in Wales.

Canon Graham Loveluck
The pair got talking and for some reason Sara mentioned the lid she had found and how it could well belong to a 16th Century chalice. Canon Loveluck told her he had such a chalice at his church and this had a missing lid.

Surely they couldn't belong together! Out of interest the lid was taken to the chalice and sure enough, like Cinderella and her slipper, the lid fit.

But that wasn't all, through various markings and designs they discovered that this was the actual, original lid to the chalice. A photo of the two was even discovered in a very old book. How the two parts were ever separated is a mystery but the two are now happily reunited. After existing for over 400 years they belong together.

Old book showing 16th centiry chalice

The photo below shows Sara Richards and Canon Graham Loveluck reuniting the lid with the chalice - or maybe the other way round: the chalice with the lid.

Sara Richards and Canon Loveluck reuniting the lid with the chalice

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  1. Nice story again. Some happenings seem to be meant to happen

  2. Love this story. It reminds me of one of the first synchros we ever posted - gabe's teapot story.

  3. I find this to be incredible; an awesome pairing over the distance of time. Thanks Mike.