Wednesday, December 5

Music Festival Coincidence Story

Music festival dancers image

Today it's another coincidence story from Joe in London and was sent to me via JC who often sends me emails about synchronicity.

"A couple of years ago I met a girl at a Music Festival. I was 22, she was 17.

At the time I was a very withdrawn kind of person who was too anxiety-filled to engage with people I didn't know. My aim was just to spend the weekend wandering the festival on my own and occasionally being around the folks I went with - they were much older than me and not that interested in the music. I wanted to avoid communication with anyone else.

Anyway, this girl who was camping nearby, came over to our tents when I was on my own. She was the tiniest bit tipsy and started talking. She was lovely and enjoyable company and because I felt this straight away I somehow felt okay talking to her.

To keep the story short, it turned out we both had a mother going through cancer and I also found out she had a brother in New Zealand at the time - and so did I. So I started to think, 'Oh, this is a bit weird. Of the 30,000 people at the festival, the one person I end up talking to has these such things in common with me.'

And it got even weirder and more random. I mentioned some place we stopped off at on the drive to the festival. I don't travel a lot. My county and London are the only places I've really been in England. The festival was about three hours north from where I lived and two hours south from where she lived.

I mentioned this one lovely pub/inn we stopped off at on the way to the festival for a drink and some lunch. She just looked in shock and kinda half-screamed, in disbelief, "Oh My God! I know that place!"

It turned out that this was the inn she and her family go almost every year for a short holiday. It was pretty mind-blowing, really, to find that out, along with the other connections we had. And I mean the exact same pub/inn, not just the town.

So the only person I had spoken to, out of 30,000 people, whom I previously didn't know, turned out to have a mother with cancer, the same as me; a brother in New Zealand the same as me, and she knew exactly the one tiny pub/inn I had stopped off on the way to the festival - the one place in nearly twenty years I had been to outside of my home county.

It's still very weird, to me, but we have remained friends since."

 ~ Joe


  1. I like the orange orbs in the picture Mike.

    1. I'n not sure why I put the orbs there, it just felt right to do so.

  2. Love he story and the orbs. This story is a great example of how the law of attraction and synchronicity are like the proverbial peas in a pod.

    1. Peas in a pod - never thought of that in a synchro way.