Tuesday, December 4

You'll Remember Me Coincidence In Fields Of Gold

You'll remember me .. fields of barley

A touching coincidence story today from a 67 Not Out subscriber, Glenda. Also a reminder that those who have passed on are still with us.

Two years ago my brother, Gordon, died of cancer. He knew he was going to die so helped to plan his funeral. One of his requests was that as the funeral entered the crematorium the song Fields Of Gold by Eva Cassidy would be played. This was carried out, as he wished, and the time was 2.30 p.m.

On the first anniversary of his funeral my husband and I had to travel across to the west of England from where we live in Harwich on the east coast.

We travelled by car and in the afternoon I wanted a rest stop so we pulled into a service station. While my husband ordered coffees at the self service counter I went to the ladies.

As I returned to my husband, he was sitting at a table with our coffees and some teacakes. Just as I sat down they started to play Eva Cassidy's Fields of Gold. This quite shook me as I was aware that it was exactly a year from Gordon's funeral. What shocked me even more was that when I looked at my watch it was exactly 2.30 p.m.

My husband says it was simply a coincidence but I like to think it was more than this, and was a message from my brother. As the song goes, "You'll remember me when the west wind moves among the fields of barley."

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  1. In my experience these kind of things happen way too often to even apply the word coincidence to them.
    That song is one of my all-time favourites,although I have to say that Sting's version is my favourite.
    I've seen him play it live,in front of me (although quite a few rows back) twice now and no matter how many times I hear it I never grow tied off it.One occasion was when my mum won two tickets off the radio and gave them to my wife and I.
    The single reached #23 on the Billboard Hot 100
    which to me is a coincidence,because that's my birth-date.
    Now that's more likely to be just a coincidence,but I would say your experience above wasn't.
    Keep your eyes and ears open and I'm sure that you will have a few more "coincidences" at the very least.

  2. like that story hope it was glenda's brother arranging the music. would be nice to think it was

  3. No such thing as coincidence. This story is right in line with the MO for spirit communication - the song, the time, the one year anniversary. Awesome.