Sunday, December 30

Snow Video Coincidence

As yesterday's post was about snow, here's a video called Snow.

It was a bit of a sync or coincidence that I came by the video. I'd just finished writing the snow post and straight away afterwards found this on Darren's blog Just Watching the Wheels Go Round. He is recommending everyone to give it a thumbs up. See what you think, I like it and it would be good to give some publicity to the musicians.

Snow is by King Uke and Daniel Hulbert

And also I saw the following on Pinterest. It's nothing to do with snow but it's a coincidence story of sorts. I can't vouch that it's true but, who knows ..

Source: via kelly on Pinterest

The Snow That Is Only In The Mind And Our Imagination

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  1. That song still gives me chills .-)

  2. Thanks guys. Hope you had a great Crimbo. Have a safe and snowy New Year ;-)

  3. Like it! It would be nice to see some snow, anything is better than this rain, rain and more rain.

  4. Good synchro, great song, and what an interesting synchro story you found on Pinterest! and great song.