Thursday, January 10

10 Cute Funny Animal Photos

Cute funny dog blown by wind

A little busy today so a tour away from the normal. Today it's cute funny animals! Ten photos to - hopefully - raise a smile or two - and there's a dog prayer at the end.

Funny cat loves vodka

Funny dog smiling

Cute cat rolled up in paper

Funny cat splayed on back of couch

Cute cat in basin drinking from tap

Funny dog with a headache and hotwater bottle

Cute animal hanging from washing line

Horse play with woman and carrot

 Dog and boy saying their prayers before sleep

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  1. Funny and ahh! Thanks for a good start to the day. Should be working now so must rush.

  2. I recently scanned some old photos of my cat Sylvester when he was alive,and snapped one of him sleeping among the music media.

    No wonder Peter Gabriel was singing
    "Digging in the Dirt" on the radio while I was burying him.
    He probably considered himself a bit
    of a DJ .-)

  3. Love these. Great way to start the day. And sylvester as a DJ? Off to take a look at Daz's cat pics.