Monday, January 21

A Big Clump Of Feathers From The Spirit World

White feather a message from the dead

A touching, but nevertheless funny, story today from Ma61 following her reading about white feathers on this blog.

"I just stumbled upon your postings here, and this is ... a coincidence, or a synchronicity!

My dad passed away a few years back and we all miss him terribly. My two brothers and one sister keep a close eye on our mom now that dad is gone.

I just turned 50 and for my birthday my sister and mom decided we should go to New York as a "girls vacation" and I've never been there. My mom paid for the trip saying it was a birthday gift from her and my dad.

The first night there we went to see a show at the famous Radio City Music Hall. One of the scenes in the show surprisingly involved a character "flying" overhead and dropping of all things white feathers down on the audience. There was a problem however with the actor distributing the feather out of the bag, and they ended up coming out in a BIG CLUMP of white feathers all at one time ONLY on top of my mom, sister and myself!

It was quite a scene (and a mess!). We each took a feather as a momento of that time together. My mom does stained glass and as a humorous gift presented me a singe white feather encased in a bevelled glass display.

Now that I read this post (The Meaning Of White Feathers As Messages From The Dead), I think to myself how odd was that to have happened to us as though my dad was there with us giving us a huge clump/dump of white feathers!

I'll be forwarding this post on to my sister. She'll get a big kick out of it!"

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  1. I came across A guy I had not heard of before named Professor Brian Josephson,after reading a book called "Sync" by Steven Strogatz.
    He has a You Tube channel and I found three interesting clips from a BBC show on NDE's and death which he uploaded -

    He has a lot of music clips of a lady named Miranda Josephson,who I presume is his daughter,but I could be wrong about that,and it seems like she resides in Cornwall somewhere.
    Maybe you have heard of this group Mike?

    1. Thanks for the info Darren. Haven't heard of the Professor, but looked at one of the videos on your blog. Interesting - and will have to find out about Miranda. Thanks for info.

  2. I always love these white feather stories. This one has a funny twist, though, with the clumps of feathers at radio city!

  3. Amazing story. I think it would be thrilling.
    Thanks for sharing this one, Mike.

  4. There's never an end to these coincidences, and I along with many others believe in messages received from the other side. Thanks, Perry.