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White Feathers From The Spirit World Stories

White feather from spirit world
A white feather I recieved
I have published quite a few posts (some links below) about white feathers and how I feel they can be messages or symbols from loved ones who have died.

Here are a selection of recent white feather stories I have received from from 67 Not Out readers. Most do not want their names published, but they are all genuine.

My dear husband, Gene, passed away December 2010,ever since then I have found white feathers.

My grandson and I were sitting in the same place my Gene and I would sit in Church and a white fluffy feather landed between us. In the Spring my son took me to a major league ball game and down came a white feather. And it goes on and on. I'm making a collection of them.

Just when I need a feather from Gene, down it comes. In my heart I know its the Lord and my Gene saying every things alright!

My wife's elderly father died last Thursday evening.

The funeral was this morning (Sunday). After the service, we proceeded to a nearby restaurant for a lunch get together for about twenty family members.

We parked the car, my wife and I were walking across an open air plaza to the restaurant. Half way there, a soft downy white feather came floating down right in front of us! It nearly landed on my nose! I commented to the wife, "Isn't that odd?" ... for it is rainy and blustery today (hurricane approaching) ... not a bird to be seen in the sky!

I thought about it afterwards so I Googled it and came to this site. I saw it with my own eyes, can offer no 'rational explanation' ... I am now sort of a believer!

John S

My father passed away unexpectedly while on holidays in New Zealand. My mother and both my sisters received white feathers within a two week period. I was devastated as I didn't then. Eight months and one day after dad passed, my feather arrived to me while I was at work. I found it sitting on a clients bed in the nursing home where I work and no, there aren't feather pillows or blankets in the place.

Love you dad and miss you.


My mother died yesterday. She always believed in synchronicity.

She died in St Michael's Hospice but for many years St Michael had been significant to her.

I was trying to remember why this was and found your post regarding St Michael's chapel in Roche - a significant village for our family - and it's connection with Ley Lines. It fell into place and then I saw the link to white feathers, something she again always referred to as an indication of an angel. I wonder if I will come across one to let me know she is thinking of me.

Going through a rough time at the moment, and a few family deaths. Mum mentioned finding a white feather, "Auntie Phoe telling us it'll be all right". I smiled and said nothing.

I now keep finding one or two white feathers on a regular basis. Even looking after a neighbours house, on a repeat visit, two white feathers on the stairs, which I certainly hadn't seen before. They are a little comfort when I need it.

I have seen endless white feathers around me since my brothers passing 15 years ago. I didn't know why until I recently heard about it from other people claiming it could be from the spirit world.

Haven't seen one for a while until this morning. Having a few family health problems at the moment, and I drove into work this morning feeling very low and sad, and just as I opened my car door, a white feather floated onto my windscreen. It made me smile and helped me to get through my day.

Thanks bro x

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  1. I love these stories, Mike. I had never heard about white feathers till I came across your first post on it. Now it seems to be an emerging archetype.

  2. I love how these stories all express comfort from a connection on earth with the spirit world.

    1. Anonymous05:16

      yes darling open your legs for me your dad

  3. Love these stories too must be so comforting to those concerned.