Tuesday, January 22

A Time And A Place For Death

St George's Wharf London helicopter crash
The crane that was hit by a helicopter on St.George's Wharf, London
There was a nasty accident in London last week. A helicopter crashed into a crane that was on top of a 700ft skyscraper. The helicopter pilot was killed and there was also another fatality. As dreadful as that sounds it could have been so much worse.

For example, two workman should have been working on the crane at the time of the helicopter crash and both would certainly have been killed if they had been there. Maybe it was a 'divine intervention'.

Incredibly the men, Richard Moule and Nicki Biagioni, were late for work. They had both overslept! In the case of Mr Moule this was the first time he had been late for work. He explained; "It was the first time I've been late since starting this job. I just woke up late. Call it divine intervention if you like."

He was supposed to be at his job at 7am.

"I went on my motorcycle and got there at 7.45am. I was in the basement ready to go up when it happened."

Mr. Moule's sister, Charlotte, wrote on Twitter, "Maybe there is a God up there! That was my brother's crane and he was late for work today."

As for Mr Biagioni his wife said, "He overslept that morning, something he never does and was late for work. He was therefore not on the crane when it was hit. I thank his guardian angel."

It's always mystifying when such stories emerge following accidents and the like.

Though I believe in 'free will' it does seem that there is still a pattern behind this. We have things to do or experience prior to leaving earth. There does seem to be a time and a place for everything - including death.

London helicopter crash
Scene in London following helicopter crash
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  1. It does make me think that there is something guiding some people, like with these two crane workers. Wonder what it is?

  2. Interesting story, Mike. And I agree- there's a time and place for death. Many stories like this came out after 9-11. I think there's an element of synchronicity at work here, too.