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A White Dove As A Message From Her Dead Mother

White dove as a message from the dead

Over the couple of weeks one of the most viewed posts on 67 Not Out has been The White Dove As A Messenger Of The Dead. The following is a response to this from Mary Jackson.

This past Saturday, 1/19/2013, my mother past away.

Yesterday My dad and I went to the front yard of their house to walk her dog and were reminiscing memories of my mom.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a white dove comes towards us and flaps its wings in a still motion.

My dad and I then look at one another and said, "Wow where did the white dove come from?" We live in Las Vegas so you don't see doves like this. As we looked back the dove vanished.

I told my sisters about the dove and one of them said she saw the dove the day before. I believe this was a sign from our mom letting us know she is okay and that she is at peace and in Heaven.

It was just truly remarkable.

~ Mary Jackson

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  1. Such a very lovely story and sharing. Such experiences enlarge our capacity of love, in both giving and receiving. Pleasure Mike.

    1. Thanks Dixie - giving and receiving love is really what it's all about in life.

  2. A beautiful story. When birds act as messengers from loved ones who have passed on, we are face to face with the miraculous.

    1. Face to face with the miraculous - like the sound of that.

  3. Looks like not everybody likes the white feather as a sign -
    "Andy Murray curses unlucky white feather as his Australian Open dreams float away in painful defeat to Novak Djokovic "

    We were watching this game on Sunday night and lost our power not long after this happened.
    My wife and son were going for Murray,as they saw him play up here in Brisbane last month.
    I was going for Djokovic.

    We didn't get power back on for another day and a half,because ex-cyclone Oswald killed our power.

    1. I think that though there are 'standard' symbols they are also personalised so it's up to us what we believe a white feather, or whatever, means. During WW2 it was the sign of a coward for example.

      Have been reading about the cyclone, we sometimes don't appreciate the likes of electricity until it goes missing. Hope you didn't have any other damage.

  4. My mother has been gone two years and three nights ago I was screaming for my mother that I needed her so badly for an hour and this was a night and I was outside then all of the sudden I saw in an arrow shape form of so many white doves and it flew right over me and disappeared so fast I was hoping that was her so im curious to know is that what it means that she is ok?? And at peace

    1. It's a difficult question to answer, as it is how an individual sees this and the feelings they have at the time. Many will say though that this is a positive sign. Our loved ones do live on.