Sunday, January 6

Back Of A Horse Coincidence Photo

Coincidence photo horse and woman

You've always got to be careful when standing at the back end of a horse - as this lady has now realised. Or is it just a coincidence photo?

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And Finally ...
A white horse walks into a pub and asks for a whisky.
The landlord says: "Hey, we've got a whisky named after you."
The horse replies: "What, George?"

A sickly-looking horse limps into a bar with a bandage round his head. He orders a glass of champagne, a vintage brandy and two pints of Guinness.
He downs the lot and says to the barman: “I shouldn’t really be drinking this with what I’ve got?"
"Why, what have you got?"
"About £2 and a carrot.

Black Beauty, she’s a dark horse.

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  1. Started my day with a laugh! Thanks. Cool photo.