Wednesday, February 27

Coincidence Stories

Avenue de Neuilly, Paris
Avenue de Neuilly, Paris in the 1950s
Two short coincidence stories today, though one very much tongue in cheek.

"I was living in Paris, in the Neuilly area. A friend of mine travelled all the way from Portugal to see me but mislaid my address. He was still able to find me.

He actually knocked at the door of my flat saying, "Aren't you famous! Leaving the underground (as he'd managed to recall the name of the right station, Porte de Neuilly) I asked a lady passing by if she, by any chance, knew a certain Monsieur Melo."

"Yes, she said, he lives on the 3rd floor right of no. 43 Avenue de Neuilly".

She just happened to be the 'concierge' of the building!"

~ Alberto Melo, Faro, Portugal

Wedding ring"During the 1950s, my grandmother lost her wedding ring whilst digging in her garden on her 40th birthday.

20 years later to the day, her daughter (my aunt) was digging in the same part of the garden and ... did her back in! Amazing." :)

~ Stuart

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  1. Talking about ring coincidences take a look at this video -

  2. ha, we may think we're invisible, but little do we know...

    loved the finding of the ring, niiiice

  3. liked the paris coincidence he may never have found his friend otherwise

  4. Good ones! I especially like the paris story...