Thursday, February 28

Dumb Ways To Die And Censorship

Cartoon Dumb Ways To Die

I found the video below on Inga's Google+ page - and the song Dumb Ways to Die is going over and over in my head now!

It's interesting how Inga first saw the video herself, she writes, "I learned about its existence all because a Russian designer's web site was closed by our authorities for containing the video. Things in Russia are getting curiouser and curiouser."

The 3 minute video is on YouTube but Inga now says, "By the way, I can't view the video on YouTube any more." She added, "Strangely (and luckily) I can still view it on Google+. Obviously the ban doesn't apply to Russian users of international social networks like Google+"

Interesting, isn't it, how almost innocuous things are censored on the Internet in some parts of the world. Dumb Ways to Die is actually part of a train safety campaign by Melbourne Metro Trains in Australia.

Funny old world.

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  1. I posted this video in November,or should I say
    Mowvember last year in this post -

    You must have missed it.

    1. Must have missed it on your blog but have just been over to see the post now.

  2. A catchy tune but I wonder why the Russians don't like it, seems quite harmless.

  3. Why would this be censored? How weird.

  4. Suzie & Trish: No idea why the video was censored, doesn't make any logical sense.

  5. Hahaha.. I love this game.
    Yup, Dumb Ways To Die is very frustating and complicated game for me.
    Do you know how to solve the astronout with his helmet?
    Please tell me. Thanks.