10 February, 2013

Early Valentine Hearts From The Animals

Owls in a heart shape
Source: flickr.com via Mike on Pinterest

With the very commercial Valentine's Day fast approaching here are some free heart photos, with love from the animals.

Flamingos heart shape
Source: life.com via Mike on Pinterest

Elephant trunks heart shaped
Source: veryveryfun.com via Mike on Pinterest

Bird with a red heart shaped chest
Source: Uploaded by user via Mike on Pinterest

Cats sleeping in a heart shape
Source: funnycatss.com via Mike on Pinterest

And just in case you want to prepare a hotter, spicier Valentine's Day ...

Red peppers heart shape
Source: myspaceantics.com via Mike on Pinterest

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  1. I just knew you were going to include a hot picture in there somewhere Mike.-)

    1. Too true: 'hot' picture attract more visitors!

  2. Love these! Especially the red peppers.