Monday, February 11

Readers Coincidence Stories

Three 67 Not Out readers coincidence stories I have been saving up for a few weeks. My thanks to Carol Riley, CJ and Peter.

I was on holiday last year in Majorca with my husband and we got talking to another couple we usually saw at breakfast. We all got on well and as we got to know each others history me and the other wife found out we were both born in Hayes.

But then we realised I was born in Hayes, Middlesex and she was from Hayes in Kent.

That was a coincidence but then we found out that as a child she lived in East Way, Hayes, Kent while I was living in East Way, Hayes, Middlesex.

It then turned out that we were both born in April 1971.

Our husbands started calling us the terrible twins as we both have brown eyes and dark hair and are of a similar build.

Since the holiday we have kept in touch regularly and plan to meet up in a couple of weeks time. They are coming to stay with us for a long weekend. I feel I have made a really good friend and our husbands get on okay too.

~ Carol Riley

In the mid 1980s I lived in south Birmingham and after the pub my friends and I would walk home past a row of shops and then peel off to our various houses.

One day when walking home the public phone box on the row of shops was ringing (this was about 11.30 at night).

One of our group decided to answer it for a laugh and when he answered it the call was for him!

His friend had miss-dialled his home number and got the call box just as he walked past.

When we looked into it the timing was partly because his friend had called at a time when he thought he would be getting in from the pub and the two phone numbers were very similar.

~ via CJ.

My girlfriend Liz and I were waiting for a bus in a village in Wales while on a holiday. We had only been there a few minutes when we saw the bus come round the corner.

A couple came down a path, near the bus stop. They were passing through on a long-distance hike . Liz knew them! She had met the same couple the previous year when she was on a hike with her ex in Scotland.

We said a quick hello and then we got on the bus and went on our way.

~ Peter

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  1. Nice stories and I like the pic!

  2. Great synchro stories! I especially like the one where the guy answers the ringing public phone and it's for him. What were the odds on that?

    1. The public phone one - there seems to be several similar stories like this.