Monday, March 4

A Ramble About 51412 Leading Nowhere

Cartoon style image
Image called 51412 by Kyunyo
I had one of those spikes of visitors to this blog over the previous weekend, the most was on Sunday when the total for the day reached 51,412.

When I looked at the number 51,412 I realised that to the left of the comma added up to 6 and to the right 7 - so 67 - a coincidence!

Was this some sort of sign I wondered? So I Googled 51412 and - well I didn't come up with very much!

Firstly the image at the top of the post. Not too sure what it represents but it's the right way up! I noticed though that the size of the picture is 1412 x 1412.

I then realised that 51412 in many countries would be interpreted as the 14th of May 2012. Being a soccer fan I remembered that this was the day Manchester City won the English Premier League for the first time in 44 years with a memorable climax to the season at their final match against Queens Park Rangers.

Roberto Mancini Manchester City Manager
Photo: Reuters - Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini runs onto the pitch
Also on the same day, for the Cannes Film Festival, an enormous poster of Marilyn Monroe was erected in front of the Festival Palace.

Giant Marilyn Monroe poster at Cannes Film Festival

Meanwhile there were fireworks over Hamburg Harbour in Germany to celebrate its 823rd birthday.


So not too much from the number 51412 but if the 12 was taken as 1912 instead of 2012 it would be the date for the launch of the Titanic Disaster Fund. The image below shows the cover of the programme from the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London supporting the fund.

And on that note I'll end this ramble as it doesn't seem to be reaching any conclusion. I guess the glass slipper didn't fit!

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  1. I did a Google Image search and didn't get much either,but a Cuban train engine.
    So I decided to put in this search
    And the first site was a country music site featuring two songs by
    "The Band Perry",

    neither real happy songs either,both about death,but who knows,might be something there in the lyrics of significance to you?
    The second site listed was your post here.
    Further down there was a Reggae singer named Omar Perry,then down the bottom of the page was this weird photo -
    PHOTOS: Katy Perry pays tribute to Michael Jackson with her breasts (although unfortunately she had them concealed.-).

    1. I must add the the Image search came up with nothing for "51412+Perry" ,so I then web searched it that's when I got the above result.

    2. Thanks Darren for the link, but nothing registered there. Pity though about Katy Perry ...

    3. Yes, forgot, I had a UK train with number 51412 - a journey, perhaps?

  2. Interesting searches from both you and Daz! Congrats on the hits...sit back and enjoy them!

    1. Somehow a couple of 2010 posts got linked on Facebook and other social media sites, no idea why - but was nice while it lasted!

  3. Under 51412 in image search there was also this deer in a rainbow picture -

    And this Toto doll was numbered 51412 -

    A song called Nice Nite for a Walk [51412]
    And the movie -What to Expect When You're Expecting -

    And a politician named Mike Fair.

    1. Thanks Darren. I see that the Toto doll is based on the The Wizard of Oz character. And Mike Fair talks of a 'Child’s Haven' - this is similar to a charity I support Little Harbour, which is primarily for terminally ill children - so that's meaningful.