Tuesday, March 5

Double Yolkers Egg Coincidence


Back in 2010 I remember writing a post called Eggs On To Be A Coincidence. It was about Fiona Exon, from Cumbria in England, who was about to make some scrambled eggs for breakfast. As she cracked open the six eggs into a bowl each one was double yolked. Some expert, for want of a better word, thought the odds of this happening were about one trillion to one.

Huh! But that was nothing! What about odds of one quintillion to one. That's seemingly what happened to Katie Haylock from East London.

Katie bought a dozen eggs from Tesco Supermarket to make omelettes. When she started cracking open the eggs they all had double yolks - and this was the same with every egg in her dozen box. Eggsciting stuff.

Double yolk egg cartoon
She and boyfriend Sam were amazed. Katie told the Daily Mail, "I thought it was pretty weird but Sam studied maths at university so he was fascinated by the odds." See, a good education is never wasted.

She went on to say, "We made a massive omelette with peppers, onions, bacon, but I burnt it all because I'm a really bad cook. Sam said it was the worst meal he'd had in a long time."

The British Egg Board stepped in and dutifully responded by saying, "The double yolks tend to come from younger chickens whose hormone systems are not fully developed yet. The chances of getting a double yolk are estimated to be less than one thousand to one, so this is pretty rare." Eggsactly.

Not much else to add really, but a cracking good time was had by all.

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  1. A very eggucational post but thoughts of odds of one quintillion to one quite scramble my brain.

  2. eggseptional post thought id better try with the puns

  3. It seems the odds just keep getting more phenomenal.
    Check out this video of Charlotte Matthews cracking double yolkers into a bowl -


    And I'm not going to be like the other pair above cracking egg remarks,so I'll lay off the yolk jokes in this comment .-)

    1. I think sometimes the 'experts' dream up the odds. I read somewhere that every one in 1000 has a double yolk.

  4. Very cool. I probably would have burned the omelet, too!

    1. I wonder if you could actually put 12 eggs in one omelette.

  5. Anonymous16:53

    I have 4 dozen double yolked eggs sitting on my kitchen table right now. I bought them for easter for kids to color. I thought I hit the lottery until a little research revealed it's not uncommon at all :( -- First time for me and quite unexpected!~ Cheryl