Sunday, April 14

Spanish UFO Disguised As A Cloud

Here's a thought supposing a UFO wanted to approach Earth but didn't want to be noticed - why not come disguised as a cloud.

Okay, maybe not but the cloud in the photo has the look of an UFO. It has been categorised as an altocumulus cloud and was taken by John Mead from Surrey when driving in Spain towards Alicante. Disappointingly he didn't see any little green or even grey men or anything similar - just the cloud - but what if the UFO was inside ...

I'm not too much up on cloud names but this one does look like the photos of lenticular clouds I published in my post Photos Of The UFO Clouds.

Oh well, happy Sunday!

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  1. A lenticular cloud is what surrounded Bruce Gernon's plane in the Bermuda Triangle...he and Rob co-authored a book about Bruce's experience. So, I'm in the WHY NOT? camp.

  2. I remember reading about the experience.