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Your House Value Equals The First Letter Of Your Street

Street sign

If you want a cheaper property in the UK go for one where the street name begins with a 'Z' or a 'J'.

Average Value of UK Houses
when the street ...

Starts with U £251,307
Starts with T £248,008
Starts with O £244,450
Starts with H £234,045
Starts with C £233,873
Starts with P £233,550
Starts with W £231,145
Starts with F £228,489
Starts with L £228,400
Starts with S £228,737
Starts with B £227,105
Starts with Q £226,824
Starts with N £225,911
Starts with R £223,241
Starts with M £221,498
Starts with K £221,106
Starts with G £219,248
Starts with I £219,125
Starts with E £218,849
Starts with D £218,643
Starts with Y £218,367
Starts with V £217,240
Starts with A £211,744
Starts with J £190,802
Starts with Z £180,046
No streets start with X
Sounds crazy but this is what the website Zoopla discovered when they carried out a survey of house prices in the UK based on the first letter of the street name. No, I don't know why they would be bothered with doing this either.

Nevertheless, if you want to live in Uxbridge Road, Utoxeter Street or any other beginning with a U then it'll cost you more, the figures on the right tell the story.

Zoopla's Lawrence Hall said, "There may be more to a street name than meets the eye. With £70,000 between U and Z, it is advisable to select wisely."

Of course, it's often said that anything can be proven with statistics.

In another set of stats it was found that a house is worth more if it has an odd number on the door. So, if you own a house with an even number - as I do - the property is said to be worth slightly less than the house either side with odd numbers!

So there we have it: a property with an odd door number and a street beginning with U will be worth more than an even numbered house with a Z or J street.

Oh dear, as I've said, I've an even door number and the first letter of my street is 17th on the list - and there was I thinking I'd made a wise investment.

But at least I haven't got a Z in my car number plate - now that would be even worse!

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  1. Really odd. I wonder how this would translate in the U.S.? We're down there with Y!

  2. It's odd but perhaps it's more to do with street names than anything else.

  3. That is strange. I've never heard of such a thing. New exposure for me... oh, I'm a H street... and that's about the right sum too. :)

    1. Better off than me in G Street then!