Friday, May 3

The Perfect Day To Find A White Feather On Her Mother's Grave

White feather on grave

Today's synchronicity or coincidence story is by Barbara J from New Zealand which took place while she was visiting her mother's grave in England.

Both of my parents died before I was 8 years old and I was adopted, along with my younger brother, by a lovely couple. At that time I was living in England but we soon all emigrated as a family to New Zealand.

Over the years I made a life for myself in New Zealand and eventually got married to a wonderful man and was happy for 27 years until he sadly died in April of 2011.

It was a sad time but along with my brother and his wife we decided to take a trip back to England to see where we were brought up as young children, and also to visit my birth mother's grave in North Shields.

I remembered the name of the cemetery but when we visited we were unable to find a headstone bearing my mother's name. There was an information office so we asked the assistant for help. The only thing we could tell her was our mother's full name, we weren't sure of dates or anything else.

After about ten minutes the assistant returned and said she had traced my mother. She asked me if I knew what day it was. I stupidly replied, "Wednesday."

"No," she said, "I mean the date."

I answered that I wasn't sure.

She said, "It is the 15th of May. Does that mean anything to you?"

I told her it didn't.

"Today is the date your mother was buried here at the cemetery." She added, "You must be here for a reason."

I don't know why I chose that particular day to seek out my mother, after travelling all of the way from New Zealand. It must have been meant to be.

~ Barbara J.

P.S. I have to add that there was a large, but straggly, white feather on her grave.

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  1. What a stunning example of spirit communication!

  2. May 15th is also Mercuralia, in honour of Mercury. (Roman Empire) He is the patron god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence (and thus poetry), messages/communication (including divination), travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves; he is also the guide of souls to the underworld.

    He was known as the winged messenger,oddly enough.

    I also found this poem
    (since mercury is associated with poetry)
    on a site called 'Winged Messenger'


    Remember to shine,
    For we are not taught,
    To be all we can be,
    Our lives are so fraught.

    Learn who you are,
    And what you can be,
    Live each moment in love,
    In peace, and harmony.

    Vanquish all fears,
    And face every doubt,
    Release all the tears
    You can live without.

    Seek your true name,
    Know your full might,
    Brighten your flame,
    Surrender to the light.

  3. I also found a message called 'The Eye in the Sky' on the winged messenger site,and since I did a post on my own blog called 'The Eye in the Sky' a few days ago,
    I thought that was a bit of a synch and should pass it on -

    The light from ‘Heaven’ shining down –
    The starry skies, a spangled gown,
    Glistening wonders do await,
    Much lies beyond the garden gate.

    Vaster realms to be discovered,
    The knowledge we hold – ready to be opened,
    Follow our minds and analyse,
    And we miss the feelings that are being denied.

    If our heart’s not ‘in’ the way we’ve chosen,
    The only way is to find it – the door is open.