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How We Forget Truth And Created A False Reality

Creation of the world religions

I've written several times about how I believe there is no reality: there is only our realisation. I probably got this bee in my bonnet initially from Rosicrucian teachings. Recently though I came across a religion, or perhaps it's a philosophy, called Seicho no Ie which, I understand, means literally House of Growth.

As far as I can see Seicho no Ie is a mixture of elements from Buddhist, Shinto and Christian beliefs. This is how it was explained to me:

Symbol of Seicho no Ie
Symbol of Seicho no Ie
Seicho no Ie's main concept is that the world as we see it does not exist. It is only a reflection of divine reality distorted through the lens of the human mind, which is polluted through vices and sins.

If us humans could rid ourselves of these vices and sins and instead concentrate on the divine reality we would perceive the divine truth - which is said to be harmonious, beautiful and complete.

We would then perceive ourselves as the truly perfect, healthy and harmonious children of God and realise that illnesses and misfortune are just manifestations of our mistaken perceptions.

This also sort of ties in with another of my beliefs that we all create our individual worlds or circumstances through our actions, beliefs, attitudes and thoughts. In other words where we are now is because of what we have done in the past - some might call this karma.

This principle is hard to accept by many, especially if going through difficult times. I know the idea wavered in my mind last year when I was told I had kidney cancer, but that's another story.

This 'new religion' of Seicho-no-Ie was founded on March 1, 1930 by Masaharu Taniguchi when he published the first issue of his monthly magazine for spiritual training. It's doctrine is laid out in Masaharu Taniguchi's 40 volume Seimei no jisso, translated in English as Truth of Life. Obvious a man of many words as following this he also produced a furtherl 400+ books. Sources: History of Seicho-No-Ie and Wikipedia.

It all kicked off in Japan but has now spread across the globe, especially to Brazil. The founder died in 1985 and the President of Seicho-no-Ie is now Masanobu Taniguchi.

A big part of Seicho no Ie is meditation, shinsokan. Practitioners endeavour to direct their thoughts at the supreme divinity in order to see it's true form and so become also aware of their own true state of being.

There is an emphasis on the role of the family and on parenting. They also pay grateful reverence to their ancestors. Gratitude also appears to be very important - and no wonder - as it can reap worldly benefits such as healing, harmony and an individuals financial improvements.

All well and good but once we start looking at religions many are based on similar beliefs. I was also reading about Gedatsukai, which also started in Japan. It's focus is again on gratitude and reverence to parents and ancestors.

If we look at the Bible one of the 10 Commandments is to 'Honour your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you. 'Islam has something similar: '... be dutiful to your parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age in your life, say not to them a word of disrespect, nor shout at them but address them in terms of honour.' 

The more I read about religions more similarities come to light, at least in principle. In Christianity Jesus is the Son of God and in Seicho no Ie man is God's creation, and therefore has the infinite nature of God. Man is therefore the Son of God. And so it goes on.

It's as if 'we' once knew the truth but something interrupted this complete knowledge. So, like with Chinese Whispers, this altered and changed over time giving varying interpretations of this truth. As I said at the beginning of the post, there is no reality there is only our realisation, or interpretation of how anything actually is. It's the same with religions.

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  1. Hej Mike,

    read your blog almost daily and it is therefore that I thought of you when a girlfriend sent me this story:


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    1. Elizabeth, thanks so much for your comment and the link - what a story, simply wondrous.

  2. Great post, Mike. I've never heard of this religion. The ideas behind it make sense to me- realization, not reality.

    1. The ideas made sense to me too - though I've no ambition to join up with any organised religion.

  3. have been in hospital again will email you. interesting post.

  4. Very interesting. Thank you, Mike.