Wednesday, May 22

A George Harrison Dream Coincidence

Leo Drioli

The following coincidence story is taken from an interview by UTG website with Leo Drioli.

Leo Drioli is the author of Every Moment's a Miracle and co-editor with his wife Enza Vita of InnerSelf Newspaper, an Australian personal growth publication. He has a blog Reflections From Eternal Vastness.

"I met George Harrison one night in the early eighties in the dream state. He took me across to a huge book. Turning each page I saw it was all written in Sanskrit, each letter shining in light and sound. I didn’t understand it intellectually but got it totally in the heart, recognizing the ancient wisdom as the path I was on. Filled with joy, I asked George, 'Are you also on the same path I am travelling?'

"He replied, 'There’s only one path, and we are all on it.'

"Later that morning, as I was at work on my job as a printer in Sydney, I suddenly heard My Sweet Lord come over the radio, which triggered the memory of that night’s dream, thinking it to be an amazing coincidence. When the song ended, the DJ announced that George Harrison had been spotted having breakfast in a café in Sydney that morning! I had no idea he was in town, yet the dream manifested.

How do you view this? Simply as coincidence or possibly an example of the field of unity we all co-inhabit?"

Leo is also a singer/songwriter, and has just released his first single, Give It Your Love.

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  1. Synchronicity! It's a great example of Indra's net...

  2. Mike I certainly enjoyed the post and video. There's a lot more than synch here. (My own recent post for another thing.)

    You know I could here George Harrison in Leo's voice, and almost thought it might be George, until I played it. Always enjoy that type of guitar too. I'll add the song to my favorites!

    It is said that two people might never meet, save in sending prayers or meditations "UP" at the same time. I think the idea came from, author Kahlil Gibran, "The Prophet". Thank you.

    1. The song to me sounds very much George's or even McCartney's style.

      I like the thought of 'meeting' in meditations or prayers, something to think about there - thanks.

  3. How fun! I like the song but even more, love the video of it.