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The UFO Which Brought The Raelian Elohim To Earth

Elohim UFO an artists impression
Artists impression of UFO seen by Claude Vorilhon founder of Raelian Religion
I've been looking at various religions and beliefs recently and re-discovered the Raelian Religion, which has a link with UFOs and aliens. I had read about this years ago but felt it too much like Erich von Daniken's early works at that time.

So what is the Raelian's slant on religion?

It was founded by Claude Vorilhon a French journalist who claims to have encountered a UFO in 1973.

The UFO landed and he was told by the occupant that they had come to see him. He was taken aboard the craft for six days and messages were dictated to him. These explained how the Genesis in the Bible is an account of how the Elohim created life on Earth.

Elohim and UFO
Artists impression of Elohim and UFO as seen by Claude Vorilhon
Elohim means 'those who came from the sky' but was wrongly translated as God. Elohim is a plural and therefore refers to a multiplicity of extraterrestrial beings. In Genesis 1:26 it states 'Let us make man in our image and likeness'. The important word here being 'our'.

The Elohim divided the 'waters from the waters' with explosions thus creating the first continent. On this they created the animals, vegetation and other life forms. Finally they made man (initially an artificial life form) with use of their advanced knowledge of DNA.

One group of the extraterrestrial creators, called Nephilim in the Bible engaged is sexual relationships with the humans and produced a race of people with superior intelligence. Jesus was created by Mary having sexual union with one of the Elohim.

Claude Vorilhon in 1973
Claude Vorilhon in 1973
All well and good and in some ways strangely believable but what is Claude Vorilhon's role in all of this. He is known as Rael to his followers and it's his job to prepare humanity for the arrival of the Elohim on earth. It seems they will come in peace but must be received voluntarily by the human race. So a familiar theme here.

The Elohim purpose for coming to Earth will be to establish a new world government.

This government will only be made up of those whose intelligence is 50% higher than the human average.

To welcome the Elohim the Raelian Religion have to establish an Embassy, preferably in Jerusalem - this doesn't sound too easy to do, to say the least.  But once the Elohim arrive they will promote scientific and technological advancement, creating material prosperity and increased leisure for humans - so they will have an enhanced lifestyle.

There is one added bonus for their arrival. They will offer human beings the prospect of immortality. One snag: this will only be offered to those whose actions merit this. Again a familiar pattern.

There is more to the Raelians than this but that's a brief synopsis as I understand it. But one obvious question I wanted to know was: Who created the Elohim? This is the official answer:

"If we believed in God, we might ask, 'Who created God'. If we believed in evolution and the Big Bang we might ask, "Where did this matter and energy come from that created the big-bang?"

For the Elohim, it is the same - they were created by people coming from the sky as were their creators. It's an infinite cycle of life. One day scientists from earth will also go to another planet and populate it."

I found this answer interesting as it's something similar to what I had been wondering myself in my recent post: A How Did It All Begin Ramble.

Strange how questions get answered, but is this the right answer?

There are videos from The Raelian Movement here.

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  1. You've given me a great money making idea Mike,and not only that,I won't have to pay tax.

    The Australien Religion.

    We'll just have simple prayers like
    "G'day God.How's it going up there?"
    and instead of Christmas our main holiday will be Melbourne Cup Day.

    I think it's time to build up the ranks for a Holy war between the Raelians and the Australiens,even if it's just a hard game of cricket or footy,to show who is boss.
    We could make it a best of three game series,so we can sell more tax free tickets to the event.

    Thanks Mike,gotta run now,I have photos to fix up and prophecies to write.
    Don't worry Mike,you're on a ten percent retainer for your idea...less tithes.-)

    1. I don't know who to choose between The Australien and Suzie religions. Which one of you is the chosen one? We've been waiting a long time ...

  2. It seems as believable as some of the Old Testament bible's stories. I see that they can't really answer your question about how absolutely everything began.

    As for Brizdaz's religion, can't see myself saying "G'day God!" I'd say say "How do you do?" so he can answer, "How do you do?" Might start a Suzie religion instead, I'll give you 10% Mike so which will you choose!

    1. Mike would be better off going with your religion Suzie,since his 10% was going to come out of the tithing pool which would be 10%,which unfortunately gives him bugger all.
      As with most religions,sacrifices have to be made...just not by our founder.
      See rule 13 of the rumoured to be,non-existent stone tablets for clarification on that one.-)

      And regarding the fact the Raelians can't really answer your question about how absolutely everything began.At least as Australiens will have something better than a swastika in a six pointed star to show people.We'll have a 42 as our sacred symbol and that will be the answer to everything.No questions more to ask.-)

    2. See above Suzie.

  3. I'll sign up for your religion, Daz. Sounds like a fun adventure, numbers, synchros and all.

    1. I remember a guy starting a religion with an ad in a newspaper and getting lots of members even though he just made it up - not that Daz is, of course.

    2. You would expect a religion centering around the UFO phenomena to take off,
      wouldn't you?-)

    3. Yes, but it could also disappear.